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Tuesday, 15 November 2011 00:00
Episode 1
The year is 2267 and, following a global catastrophe that rendered the Earth uninhabitable, mankind has settled in a vast, domed moon colony originally intended to be a stepping stone for manned space missions to Mars. Known as Eden, this artificial environment provides a peaceful, albeit heavily regulated, existence for millions of people. Among them is 15-year-old Takeru, who, along with many other boys his age, spends most of his free time racing souped-up Lunar Terrain Vehicles for fun. As a punishment for crashing his LTV on a public road during one particular race, Takeru is sentenced to several hours of "volunteer" work, which involves doing routine maintenance checks on equipment on the lunar surface outside Eden’s dome. During one of his "volunteer" shifts, Takeru witnesses an object falling from the sky and goes to investigate...


Episode 2
At the crash site, Takeru discovers the remains of a small capsule bearing several relics seemingly sent from Earth, including a photograph of a pretty girl and some younger children and bearing a handwritten message on the reverse: "We are safe. Is anyone out there..?" Immediately infatuated with the girl in the image, Takeru begins trying to find her, by tracing the location where the photo was taken - but as it begins to dawn on him that it couldn't have been taken in Eden, he becomes convinced that the photo is evidence that the Earth is once again supporting human life. But it seems that prying too much into conditions on Earth is severaly frowned upon...


Episode 3
It's now clear to Takeru that Eden has been lying to them, and that Earth is not the wasteland that they've been led to believe. The arrival of the pursuit ships to being them back to the city is a cery sharp confirmation of that, and Takeru and Kazuma do their best to outrun them. The though is now in Takeru's mind that he wants to get off the moon, to go to Earth and meet the girl who sent the message - which proves to Alan and Bis that Takeru is a few sticks short of a bundle. But Alan, whose knowledge of the inner workings of Eden is second-to-none, isn't about to stand in the way of true love, and knows how Takeru can get down to Earth...

CapturedReady for liftoff

Episode 4
Having successfully managed to lauch the escape vehicle, Takeru and Bis make their way to Earth, guided by the pod's autopilot, which brings them down near the abandoned ruins of a city. While Bis tries to raise someone - anyone - on the radio, Takeru's simply enjoying the feel of being on a real world, and when they manage to tune into an honest-to-goodess radio station (playing all the oldies just for you), it's their first sign that there's life here. The pod's guidance systems confirm they've landed in what was once Las Vegas, though - quite a way from where Takeru wants to be, in Florida...

Landing sitePlanet of the Apes?

Episode 5
Pure chance has brought Takeru and Bis face to face with the girl in the photo - her name is Ao, and initially she's far from convinced about these strangers in front of her. When she sees the photos they've brought, though, she's overjoyed. Each year, the people in her village have a tradition of launching their wishes in a small rocket, made of parts scavenged from the ruins of Kennedy Space Centre, and that's what reached them on the moon. But while Ao's now happy to accept them, persuading the others in the village of their credentials is a little more difficult...

UnwelcomeMeeting Ao

Episode 6
Ao's wish to go to the moon is one that Takeru would very much like like to grant her. But getting a ride down in a one-way, pre-programmed escape pod is one thing - getting back to the moon is another. Ao's well aware of this - her father was killed in a previous attempt to launch a rocket to the moon, when the launcher exploded on the pad. What they're aiming to do is beyond dangerous - but, despite the risks, Takeru's determined to try. And so, inspired by Ao's tales of spacemen past, the Apollo Programme is relaunched...

Looking to the starsReturning home

Episode 7
Against all the odds, Apollo 19 makes a successful launch, and a few days later Ao and Takeru find themselves in lunar orbit, giving Ao her first sight of Eden. But rather than a warm welcome, their capsule soon finds itself brought down by pursuit ships and imprisoned - the turth about Earth is still something that the Eden Council would rather keep to themselves. But there's some hope for them, perhaps - Kazuma, promoted to the city's elite after finding out the truth during Takeru's escape and now the city's Regent is now in a position to help, should he choose to do so. And on learning of Takeru's return, Alan, Taira and his friends lay plans to break Takeru and Ao out...

InquisitionBack down to Earth

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