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Tuesday, 12 October 2010 00:00
Disc One: Bad Tidings
1 - Black Blood Brothers
10 years ago, Hong Kong fell victim to a horde of vampires, the Kowloon Children, with the city left a ruined wasteland after the attempts by the remaining humans & less bloodthirsty vampires to force them out. One of the fighters on that day was Jiro, a vampire whose life was turned upside down when his love was killed by the Kowloon Children and who thought of nothing but revenge, with the female vampire responsible being the main target of his anger. But the past is the past - now, a cargo ship heading for Yokohama is carrying a cargo that soon attracts the attention of the group in control of the Special Zone, an area set aside for vampires and humans to live with each other in peace. Jiro and his brother Kotaro are part of that cargo – but so are some surviving Kowloon Children...

Lord DragonKotaro

2 - Compromiser
Making their way to shore at long last, Jiro and Kotaro are unexpectedly rescued by Mimiko, a Compromiser. She's another member of the Order Coffin Company, but unlike some of her comrades she's more interested in promoting peaceful co-existence rather than simply eliminating vampires. Offering to act as their guide, the threesome head towards the Special Zone, but they're not long on their way when Kelly Wong, leader of the vampiric refugees, approaches, hoping to recruit Jiro to their cause. She's not the only one on their tail, either, as the Company's Suppression Team soon makes another appearance...

MimikoNot liking the sunlight

3 - The Kowloon Bloodline
Having split up from his brother, Kotaro's taken in by the refugee group, with Mimiko aso tagging along. As for what's happened to Jiro.. he's ended up in the tender care of the Order Coffin Company's rather less-than-tolerant Suppression Team, who have him confined and under interrogation. Not that he's being all that co-operative. When he learns that OCC believes that a Kowloon Child - the most violent and infective vampire sect - is hiding amongst the refugees, though, Jiro decides that maybe it's time he played a part in the hunt...


4 - Old Blood
Jiro's determined to go after Kotaro and the Children, but Mimiko realises than in the condition he's in, he's not going to win any battles - and so she offers him some of her blood, in an effort to help him heal. Then, charged up and read to go, Jiro heads out in pursuit of the others. Following behind, Mimiko can see Jiro dealing with the Children left behind to delay him, and is amazed at his ability, but when he finally catches up with Tsang that his determination will really be tested...

DistressedLosing position