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Tuesday, 12 October 2010 00:00
Disc Two: Emergence
5 - The Special Economic Zone
Mimiko's resonance with Jiro should be over by now - it's only meant to be a temporary effect - but she's still catching flashes of his dreams and memories, even though she doesn't quite realise what they are yet. She just realises that they're making her late for work, and takes appropriate payback on Jiro. While they may have made it safely inside the Special Zone, though, there are those within the Order Coffin Company who, being aware of Jiro's true nature, aren't happy at his presence and are already planning how to make best use of the situation...

Sleeping, or..?Zelman

6 - The Coven
Jiro's 'welcome committee' from the Coven are soon taught a lesson in how not to deal with Jiro, who seems to have... issues to resolve with the Coven's leader, Zelman. Just as well that Zelman would like to meet him, then - and the meeting turns out to be somewhat different from what Jiro was expecting it to be. But while Zelman's striking a concilatory note, at least for now, there are some in his organisation who aren't so keen to let Jiro go unhindered. Even some of Jiro's old comrades, trusted allies of the past, are refusing to accept his presence in the Special Zone. It seems there are things going on amongst the Clans in the Zone, and everyone seems to want to keep Jiro far away from them...

Spot the themeDiscussions

7 - Silver Blade
The plan for Jiro and Kotaro to stay with Mimiko for a while goes up in smoke, literally, when they arrive there to find that her apartment has been bombed - it's becoming clearer almost by the moment that someone really doesn't want Jiro staying in the Special Zone. Reporting back to the Company, Mimiko finds that both the Company and the Cans are afraid of the chaos that Jiro tends to bring with him - and as if to prove the point, while she's in her meeting, Jiro heads out on his own to mount "a little assault", a move that leads to the Company's Suppression Team being mobilised against him. Just what is Jiro trying to achieve..?

Jiro & AliceOCC HQ

8 - Protector
Yafuri is a Kowloon Child, and a special one at that - little brother to Cassa, someone who Jiro is very familiar with. It's been ten years since they last met, during the battle against the Kowloon Children in Hong Kong, and learning that she's nearby drives Jiro into a rage. The arrival of the Suppression Team prevents Jiro and Yafuri from fighting further, but Jiro's even more convinced than he was before that the Special Zone can no longer be a refuge for him and Kotaro. the Company, meanwhile, has learnt of Cassa's presence as well - their hope is that Sei, the Lord Dragon, will be able to deal with her, but despite assuring the Company that he can, Sei seems less than certain. Kotaro, meanwhile, sneaks away from Jiro to say a proper goodbye to Mimiko - but when Jiro finds himself unable to sense Kotaro's aura, he realises that something is horribly wrong...

Nice hatYafuri