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Tuesday, 12 October 2010 00:00
Disc Three: Resurrection
9 - The Eleventh Yard
Kotaro had intended just to pay Mimiko a quick visit, to say a proper goodbye, but he's managed to get himself lost in the backstreets of the Special Zone. It's a place that inhabited by the seedier side of life, and Kotaro's cocky 'warrior of justice' talk soon lands him in trouble, until Zelman turns up to save his skin. Jiro, meanwhile, is still trying to track his brother down, before any harm comes to him, while Cain attempts to deal with Cassa and Yafuri directly - but soon learns that underestimating them is a mistake that could well turn out to be fatal...


10 - The Order Coffin Company
Mimiko learns that the person she's thought was Kelly Wong is really Cassa - and in doing so, learns that she's in real trouble. Cassa is looking for a way to get under Jiro's skin, and is hoping that keeping hold of Mimiko for a while will help her do just that. Knowing the level of trust that Mimiko has for Jiro, she also has a few secrets from Jiro's past to share in the hope of breaking that trust. Help comes in an unusual form, though, when Kotaro arrives on the scene. As for Jiro, he's still trying to find a way to deal with the Kowloon Children without causing too much mayhem - but it seems that Zelman has already decided that a more direct approach to dealing with Cassa is required. Problem is, both of them appear to have made their moves far too late...


11 - The Ocean
The Kowloon Children are spreading rapidly through the Special Zone, with the number of infected rising. The situation is looking grim, and with the Company's Suppression Squads clearly not up to the job of eliminating them, Sei is asked to take to the field and deal with the problem, as he helped do in Hong Kong 10 years earlier. He's learnt the mistake of that battle - let even one of the Kowloon Children survive, and the plague will only keep returning, and so Sei orders that the Children be eliminated. But through all this, Jiro is notably absent - after apparently playing such a key role in Hong Kong, why is he staying out of the fray now..?

Kiss of lifeKowloon Child

12 - For The Eternal Pulse Of Mine Bloodline, I Would Offer This Blood In Totality
Despite knowing she'll be up against one of the Kowloon Children, Mimiko dives into the water after Jiro and his assailant, ready to offer him the blood he needs to recover from his wounds. Once fully sated on Mimiko's blood, Jiro is a man - or vampire - reborn, and ready to face the challenges ahead of him. Thanks to the resonance between them, he's able to explain to Mimiko why they came to the Special Zone and the importance of Kotaro, before finally coming face to face with Cassa and trying to settle old scores...

Sucked dryChallenge

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