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Thursday, 30 September 2010 00:00
1 - A Cat Falls to Earth
It seems that to your typical Okinawan, the arrival of an alien catgirl is nothing to get worked up about. The only person we meet who seems to think that it is is Kio, and that's only because he's just woken up to find one in his bed. The alien in question is Elis, who's come to Earth essentially to see if we're worth playing with - cats being such playful creatures, don'tcha know - and has decided to base herself in Kio's house. But next-door cutie Manami (an undercover agent for the CIA), teacher Itokazu-sensei (high-ranking member of an anti-alien conspiracy) and possible love-interest Aoi (also a hired killer with strange powers) are all about to take a close interest in Elis...


2 - I Came to Play
Keen to get her research mission under way, Elis heads for the local library, with Kio in tow to act as her guide. Her day out turns out to be more eventual than planned, though, when no less than three groups turn up, each with either murder or kidnap on their minds, and chaos soon descends as they start fighting each other. While Kio's snatched to safety by his uncle, though, Elis isn't so lucky, and ends up in the tender care of the US military. And they seem to have gone over to the dogs...


3 - I've Come to Stay
Having decided to formally open relations with Earth, the Catian delegation begins negotiations with the Japanese government - having decided that wearing high-school swimsuits is a good negotiating tactic. This is what happens when you get your idea of human 'normality; from Kio's porn collection. The Japanese seem strangely reluctant to deal, though, so in the meantime Kio's house is declared the temporary Catian Embassy, with Manami and Aoi having been hired as its security detail. They're soon required, too, as yet another faction is snooping around the house, looking for more information on Elis...


4 - I've Come to Take You Away
Kio and his attendant women (human and feline) are off to Tokyo, where Elis has been ordered to go for reasons no-one has bothered to explain. Left to her own devices, the trip quickly turns into a shopping spree, which everyone else is happy to join in on - Kio to stock up on retro gaming hardware, while Aoi and Manami turn to hardware of an altogether more practical nature. That turns out to be a good (if rather expensive) move, as underground religious group Kitten's Paw (who see catgirls as their gods) are about to make a kidnap attempt on their new messiah: Elis...


5 - I've Come to Save You
With Kio and Elis under lock and key aboard the Kitten's Paw flagship, it's up to Aoi and Manami to rescue them. Again. Getting hold of a powerboat fast enough to catch their target means turning to some rather strange types for a favour - Kio's uncle knows a movie director who'll happily lend them the boat, in return for some guest appearances in his latest movie. The downside is that his target audience has rather specialised tastes, if you know what I mean. Elis, meanwhile, had ben planning on mounting an escape attempt of her own - but now that she's in heat, her powersuit isn't working the way that it should. Perhaps she'd have more luck if she got Kio to try it on..?

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