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Monday, 04 October 2010 08:18
1 - The Vice President Doesn't Say Anything About the Possibility of Him Being the Main Character
Young girl Carol, a companion to the Vice-President of the Daily Days, has been closely following a series of strange events that first began in November 1930, and with all the curiosity and determination of a reporter she's determined to find out what's behind them. Under the Vice-President's watchful eye - and with a few hints from his as well - she's pulling together a story, and it's a strange one to be sure; a story of gangsters, guns - and apparently immortals, who are making a bout of inter-gang warfare more bloody than it may otherwise have been...

CarolFiro & Maiza

2 - Setting the Old Woman's Qualms Aside, the Flying Pussyfoot Departs
The Flying Pussyfoot, a high-class express train running between Chicago and New York, is one of those trains that's a once-in-a-lifetime affair for most people - but an old woman is refusing to join her husband on board, fearing that the train is cursed. There are creatures on board who are not human, she tells him - and she may just have a point. Isaac and Miria, meanwhile, have been digging for gold, but after six months underground Miria's beginning to have her doubts about Isaac's methods. Ennis - a friend in New York - is asking for them to come home. Their chosen transport is the Flying Pussyfoot, and they're unaware of the trouble they're about to let themselves in for...

Isaac & MiriaSplot

3 - Randy and Pecho Are Busy Getting Ready For the Party
Unbeknownst to the Flying Pussyfoot's passengers - yet - there are several groups on board who each have separate plans to bring terror to their journey. An immortality cult who want to use the passengers as hostages for their leader's freedom; a gangster mob who have their eyes on a very valuable piece of cargo; several on-the-run criminals; and more besides. As the train rolls through the darkness, they each begin to put their plans into action. Young girl Eve Genoard, meanwhile, is trying to find her brother Dallas - he's one of the most despised gangsters around, and even though her personality couldn't be further from his, she's desperate to be reunited with him - but finding someone who'll take on the job of finding him is more easily said than done...


4 - Ladd Russo Enjoys Talking a Lot and Slaughtering a Lot
All hell has broken out on the Flying Pussyfoot, and that's just the way that Ladd Russo likes it - the sound of gunfire is getting his blood boiling (even more than usual), even though it's not his men that are causing it. Yet. Ladd is a homicidal maniac, the self-styled greatest assassin who ever lived, and the whole reason he and his men are on the train is to engage in a little cold-blooded murder. Purely in the name of business, you understand. Although he wasn't expecting the competition...

Going downPlanning

5 - Jacuzzi Splot Cries, Gets Scared and Musters Reckless Valour
From what we've seen of Jacuzzi Splot so far, you'd be forgiven for thinking he was a feckless crybaby who would be absolutely no use in a problem - and his reaction to seeing the carnage in the conductors' cabin doesn't do anything to say otherwise. But when he's backed into a corner, and the tears have finally dried up... well, let's just say that his name is on wanted posters for a reason. Meanwhile, it's not just Dallas' sister who's keen on finding him, and some of the others who are interested in him are promising dire consequences if he isn't found soon...

Look behind you...Hostages

6 - The Rail Tracer Covertly, Repeatedly Slaughters Inside the Coaches
The Rail Tracer: a creature of legend, who uses cover of darkness to sneak up on travelling trains and, carriage by carriage, works its way up the train devouring the should of those inside. Like all legends, no-one expects it to actually be real - which makes it doubly surprising when something that very much meets the description of the Tracer starts patiently killing those on board the Flying Pussyfoot. As if they didn't have enough killers on board already. This is all rather academic to Czeslaw Meyer, however - tasked with protecting the Senator's daughter Milly, he's well aware that there are Immortals on board - but he also seems to know how to deal with them...


7 - Everything Starts Aboard the Advenna Avis
1711 - yes, it's backstory time - and aboard the good ship Advenna Avis a group of alchemists have gathered, in search of the Great Panacea: the solution to all of mankind's ills. But some believe that what they really intend is to summon devils into the world, something that obviously can't be allowed. The truth, as ever, is somewhere in between: the summoning of the devil is supposed to bring about the Grand Panacea, immortality itself, a gift worth any risk. But there already seems to be a reassure loose aboard the ship, killing anyone it comes into contact with - a demon who already seems to hold the secret to immortality...


8 - Isaac and Miria Unintentionally Spread Happiness Around Them
In New York, two FBI agents are hot on the trail of Isaac and Miria, who seem to have left a string of audacious robberies in their wake - and at each one, they've been caught on camera, goofing off in the way that they always do. To the NYPD officers who've been tasked with helping the FBI track them down, it seems as though the whole affair is just a joke. While that is what they do best, the passengers on the Flying Pussyfoot are discovering that there is another side to them. When they're avoiding being devoured by the Rail Tracer, that is...

CaughtAren't they great?