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Wednesday, 09 February 2011 00:00
1 - Awakening
In the underworld, there's no more sought-after - or feared - assassins than the pairing codenamed Phantom. Known simply as Ein and Zwei, their entire existence is simply to kill, and train to kill. Zwei had once been a tourist, but after witnessing one of Ein's hits - and shown some impressive natural ability by quickly locating Ein's sniping point - he was captured, his memories erased, and given a choice - train to become an assassin himself, or die. Not much of a choice, really. Choose to die, and that's it - choose to live, and there's at least a chance that he'll be able to escape and rediscover his missing past. And so Zwei's undercover life begins...



2 - Training
The cause of Zwei's predicament seems to be his remarkable natural talent - he's got skill and tactical awareness almost equivalent to Ein's, and that's even before he's had any training. That training begins now, though, with repetitive drills to drive into him the proper use of weapons. He's beginning to come to terms with being little more than a slave to Inferno's desires - but a visit by high=ranking Inferno member Claudia brings with it the prospect, if me makes the most of the opportunities that will be presented to him, there may be a chance for freedom yet...


3 - Practice
Zwei's training at the hands of Ein continues, and it has to be said that despite his 'natural talent' she's far above his level of skill - especially now that she's not holding back. There's also still doubt in some quarters as to whether, when push comes to shove, he'll be able to actually kill. And so it's decided to give him a little test, to see how he reacts. One of Inferno's contacts in the military has been playing both sides of the field, something they won't tolerate, and dealing with him is placed in Zwei's hands. It soon turns out that Inferno's fear were well founded...

TrainingFirst victim

4 - Assasination
Zwei's latest active assignment sees him playing the part of boyfriend to Ein, behaving like any ordinary couple in love would behave while scouting out a shopping mall that will be the site if their hit. For Zwei, it's a short taste of freedom, although he's never quite sure just where Ein's role-play ends and her real personality begins. Their target is a mafia boss who very rarely appears in public, so their plans to deal with him must be perfect, as there'll be no second chance - but it seems as though something has blown their cover...

Nice outfitTrusting

5 - Moment
Hardheaded Tony is an unusual gang boss, one who - while creaming what he can from his casino operations - places very strict restrictions on what sort of activities his gang are allowed to carry out. Or will tolerate on his turf. One of those restrictions is a ban on pushing hard drugs, which makes him unique in the LA gang scene - but it's also being seen by others as a sign of weakness. Now one of those groups is trying to push Tony, and has called in Inferno's assistance to back up their threats. Zwei, meanwhile, has been called upon by Claudia to carry out two jobs for her: one, to keep her company for the evening, and two, to be on standby to kill Tony's family should he refuse to be co-operative...


6 - Conflagration
Killing, eating... things Zwei does with his right hand, and both things he does in order to continue living. Or so he tells himself, although killing Hardheaded Tony's son in cold blood seems to be having an effect on him. Tony, meanwhile, is feeling the rage that only someone in his position could, and is determined to crush Inferno for what they've done to his family and colleagues - but does he really understand just what sort of organisation he's going up against..?


7 - The Past
Claudia's got a plan to work herself up some favours with Inferno's leaders, but to do it she needs a little help from Death Scythe and Phantom. It's just the sort of scheming that he finds irresistable, and so he agrees. For the moment, Ein and Zwei are living undercover as a young couple, working part-time jobs between their "other" work, and Claudia pays Zwei a visit to see how he's doing and explain her plan to him. Scythe Master doesn't seem to fully trust Claudia, though, and when meeting Ein advises her to be very careful in how she handles Claudia and Zwei - and given who else Claudia seems to be dealing with, his concerns may not be misplaced. Meanwhile, events are giving Ein cause to think back to when she first encountered Zwei...