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Wednesday, 09 February 2011 00:00
8 - Sudden Change
Zwei's not at all impressed at being called away from his mission by Claudia - until she dangles a little book in front of him: his passport, the key to his past and his identity. Suddenly, there's a future ahead of him that he hadn't dreamed possible. Strangely, though, he finds himself uncertain now as to whether he really wants to know hi past. Telling him of his past is part of Claudia's plan to sweep away the status quo in Inferno and create a new order, with Zwei at her side. But that would involve leaving Ein behind, and he's not about to do that...


9 - Name
Having turned his back on Inferno, Zwei goes on the run, taking Ein with him. When she awakens from her injuries, though, she asks him to take her back - she's still loyal to Scythe, for whatever reason, and isn't about to go rogue yet. She also recognises that Zwei is really no longer Zwei - he knows his name, Reiji Azuma, and knows that he has somewhere he can go back to. She doesn't have that, yet - but after hearing her out, Zwei decides that she needs an identity of her own, a name other that Ein - and promises to help her find one...

RunnersReady to end it

10 - Finale
Clo has tracked down Scythe - it's now Reiji's job to hunt him down and kill him - and, if successful, he can have Ein - Eren - back. But Scythe is aware that Inferno will be hot on his trail, and has been making his own preparations for the attack that he knows will be coming. He's also relying on Ein for his protection - which may not be wise, under the circumstances...

Not liking her ordersHuman shield

11 - Succession
Reiji is washed up on a beach, barely alive after being shot multiple times by Scythe - and his first thought is of Eren, and how he was unable to save her; and of all that he's been through to reach this point. He's not the only one taking stock of their situation at that time - Claudia is also thinking through events past, that have seen her go from leading her own organisation, to joining Inferno and rising through its ranks to the point where she has a chance of taking control. But where do they both go from here..?

Pep talkMotivation

12 - Ghost
It's been six months since Reiji was officially given the title of Phantom by Inferno, and in that time he's been living up to the aura that goes with the name, striking fear into those who think about defying Inferno's will - and bringing death to those who dare do more than think of it. In doing so he's increased Claudia's influence , but it seems that she may be trying to push her luck a little too far for the liking of some of her Inferno colleagues. As for Reiji, he still seems to be obsessed with the memory of Eren - but the killing of a hooker turns out to be an unexpected turning point for him...

Exercising influenceCal