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Wednesday, 09 February 2011 00:00
13 - Camouflage
Having taken Cal in, Reiji's having to get used to the idea of being a father-figure to someone - and it has to be said, he's not great at it. First order of business, though, is to track down those responsible for killing Judy, and with Cal being the only witness he's got, he's got to be nice. She's got a price for her assistance, though: when her sister's killer is killed in turn, she wants to be there to see it, and that's a condition that Reiji's not keen to agree to. Claudia, meanwhile, is still tracking down those who ruined her drug deal...


14 - Surveillance
Having Cal around the place is proving useful - she can cook, for a start, and she's got a good line in stories that's keeping him entertained. Having told McGwire and Claudia that he'd take her as his apprentice, though, Reiji has to explain to her what's going to be expected of her, and start the job of turning a young girl into a killer. Not that she seems to have any reservations about what that involves. Claudia, meanwhile, hasn't forgotten that Wisemel tried to undermine her position, and has plans for dealing with him. Permanently.

First shotReunion

15 - Reunion
Reiji had thought Eren was dead, killed by his own hands - but now that's clearly not the case. She's still alive, and presumably still working for Scythe - and against Inferno - and the realisation throws him into confusion. Claudia, meanwhile, is having to deal with the backlash from Gojo of having another of his men killed, and this time on her watch. The pressure is on, and she promises him that she'll have the ringleader for her in three days. Her plan, of course, relies on Reiji - which may not be such a good idea at the moment, but with Reiji keeping quiet about Eren's involvement, she's not to now that...

Traitor?Back in the game

16 - Confession
To appease Godo, Claudia kills Isaac, labelling him as the one responsible for the sniper attack. Later, Reiji confides to Lizzie that the sniping occurred after Randy Weber had been killed, meaning it wasn't part of Isaac's plan - but to keep Claudia in the clear, Reiji plants the money that Cal had stolen from Gojo's people at Wisemel's mansion to implicate him further in the treachery. Cal, meanwhile, offers to help Reiji in his assassinations, feeling Reiji is alone in his work and wanting to be a support to him - but Reiji, while happy to be he guardian, still doesn't want to get her fully involved in the life of a killer. With Scythe back on the scene and ready to stir up trouble, though, he may not have much choice...

ExecutionSleeping saviour

17 - The Truth
Reiji leaves the apartment, promising Cal he'll soon be back. On reaching the rendezvous point, though, Reiji realizes he's been set up - the latest twist in a year-long operation that should have seen Claudia lead Godo and his group to Inferno's inner core, but that has instead left the Japanese group feeling tricked and manipulated. And they're not happy about it. Before anything else can happen, the group come under sniper attacks, and while most of Godo's men are killed, Reiji survived to come face-to-face with their assailant: Eren, who has a warning for him...

Guess who's backGrowing obsession

18 - Confrontation
Reiji, believing Cal to have been killed, kills Inferno's men who bombed his apartment and makes his escape. Scythe and Shiga have outmaneuvered Claudia masterfully, making McGuire believe that she's betrayed both him and Inferno - she calls on Reiji for his help in escaping, but it may already be too late for that. Eren, meanwhile, has orders from Scythe to execute Reiji, but when it becomes clear that Scythe has been raising a new generation of assassins and will soon no longer have a need for her, she's left torn as to what to do next...


19 - Promise
Flashback time, to Cal and her life from the night that Judy was killed. Reiji had thought her killed when his apartment was bombed, but not so - she'd been out at the time, and had waitied for him in the ruins for several days, convinced that he'd keep his promise to come back to her. The only person who came, though, was Scythe Master - who was able to make use of her belief that she'd been betrayed and abandoned by Reiji to gain himself a potential useful recruit...

BetrayedPondering the possibilities