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Wednesday, 09 February 2011 00:00
20 - Homeland
Two years after their escape from America, Reiji and Eren have settled into what could almost be called a normal life - they're in Japan, high-school students, dealing with the problems that high-school students have. In Reiji's case, that's dealing with a confession of love from Mio Fujieda - although it soon becomes clear that Mio's family connections could spell trouble. There's other trouble, too, in the form of a mysterious biker who's been causing problems for Reiji - and who turns out to be someone that Reiji had presumed was dead...

Fitting right inAll grown up

21 - Rage
Reiji tells Elen that Cal is very much alive, and is now working for Inferno as an assassin. He blames himself for having introduced her into the underworld, and giving Inferno something to work with. Inferno are in Japane to help the Godo family dispose of a rival Chinese operation, and Cal is playing her part in that, with both Scythe and Lizzie also in Japan to oversee the operation. Lizzie, though, disapproves of the way Scythe is handling the situation. Later, Reiji, Eren and their friends are having lunch in school together when Eren is called away after receiving an unknown package. Chasing after her, Reiji comes face-to-face with Scythe, while Cal introduces herself to Eren...

Fully loadedApproach

22 - Fury
After exchanging formalities, Eren and Cal begin their battle, and they seem to be evenly matched. Reiji soon arrives on the scene and tries to persuade Cal to end the standoff, but she refuses - at least until Lizzie also arrive. Lizzie lets Reiji and Elen go, but she warns them that Inferno won't let them go easily. Looking for a way out of the situation, Reiji calls Shiga and advises him to make sure Inferno don't try anything, using Mio as a bargaining chip. Next day, while Elen goes to finalise their escape plans, Reiji and Mio go on a date once more, but it's interrupted when Cal once more intervenes...


23 - Decision
Elen and Reiji resume their "normal" lives as students once more, waiting until their escape route is ready. But Cal makes a personal visit to Mio, forcing her to come with her before meeting up with Lizzie. Lizzie, though, doesn't approve of Cal's actions, and a confrontation between the two ends with Lizzie being critically injured. In the aftermath, Cal calls Reiji to taunt him. Shiga, meanwhile, has paid a visit to Scythe, enraged that Mio has been caught up in Inferno's internal wranglings, and securing a promise from Scythe that he'll deal with Cal personally...

Thrill rideBargaining

24 - Faceoff
Mio remains Cal's hostage, and Reiji has reached the point where he realises that Cal needs to be dealt with - and that he needs to deal with her himself. Eren, though, has other ideas, and heads off to confront Cal before Reiji has the chance to, leaving him a message urging him to escape from Japan without her. While Mio tries to convince Cal that Reiji isn't the betrayer she sees him as, Scythe prepares to unleash the Zahlen Schwestern, his latest team of assassins, on Reiji, Eren and Cal...

ConfiscatedGuess who's back

25 - Showdown
Having learnt the truth, both about Reiji and Eren's true identies and the identity of her father, Mio decides that her feelings for Reiji still stand despite what she's learnt, and she's determined to do what she can to help. She calls Reiji to tell him about the impending duel between Cal and Eren, and also promises that she'll wait for him to return once the fighting is over. As a result, when Cal arrives at the church expecting to find Eren, she instead finds Reiji waiting there for her, determined to put an end to her pursuit of him and Eren...

Saying goodbyeDream

26 - Eren
Scythe's grand plan, to have his creations battle against each other to the death, is about to come to a head - and it's Eren and Reiji, Ein and Zwei, versus the six members of his new creation, the Zahlen Schwestern. But within Eren remain the remnants of Scythe's brainwashing that must be overcome if she's to bring his reign of terror to an end & finally discover her origins...

Dressed like a pillockHome

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