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Tuesday, 01 March 2011 14:08

Mitsudomoe Zoryouchu!

The Marui triplets are back, in their shortened second season of primary school hijinks and misunderstandings. With the first season having mostly been a riot, once it found its feet, more of the same should be a good thing, right..?

Mitsudomoe's stock in trade in misconceptions and misunderstandings, and there's plenty of that in this season - but it kicks off with an episode that's a little out-of-the-ordinary, as the girls and their friends take a back seat while the Gachi Rangers get their day in the sun. If you ever saw Nadesico, you'll remember the Gekigangar III show-within-a-show that eventually got an episode all of its own - now Gachi Rangers gets the same treatment, with the Rangers taking on the evil forces of the Gedol Empire in an adventure that the members of the team would rather forget. It's a great pisstake of the sentai genre, and has some good fun with simply not doing what you might expect (turns out these guys aren't as heroic as you might think), and it's a great way to start the series - if you've seen the first season and know what the whole Gachi Rangers thing is all about. If, on the other hand, you didn't see the first season and start here, then you're going to be a little lost, and I can think of a few people whose whole experience with Mitsudomoe has been ruined by starting with the Gachi Rangers episode. Mileage certainly seems to vary.

For the rest of the season, though, we're back on more familiar territory with the girls and their friends creating their usual mayhem. If anything, there's a little less attention paid to Yabbechi and the other teachers, a little more paid to the parents of the various kids (Sugisaki's mom is wheeled out on several occasions to particularly good effect), and that gives this season a slightly different feel, even as it rehashes some of the themes that the first season worked with, like sports days perversions, and pee. Yes, the pee jokes are back in one particular segment, but this time around it works a lot better than the equivalent first season segment, which had almost been enough to put me off the series entirely.

Past that, though, there's not a hell of a lot to write. Once the first season got into its stride, it became simply great fun to watch, as the adventures of the girls and their friends, and the things they do to each other that will no doubt leave them scarred for life, just have a simple appeal to them that's hard to deny. This season picks up the baton and, realising that if it ain't broke there's no need to change anything, simply carries on with more of the same - and in doing so is equally entertaining, with the added bonus of not having the few - not-quite-funny episodes at the start while the series found its comic feet. It's crude, gutter humour, and if my kids are acting like this when they reach the age of the Marui's I'll be hanging my head in shame - but that's what makes it fun to watch. Well worth checking out.

Rating - ****