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Wednesday, 11 May 2011 11:30

We, Without Wings -Ore-tachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai-

Here's something that doesn't happen very often: a show I had earmarked for dropping within 5 minutes of the first episode starting. I gave it three episodes before I finally gave up, though, and that was more than enough, as We, Without Wings has so many problems in so many areas that it really is beyond hope...

1 - A Hypothetical Fairy Tale
Yanagihara is a bustling city, home to Chitose Shusuke, who's trying to make ends meet by working a series of part-time jobs. He's also looking for a woman, and it has to be said that he's not really setting his sights high her: anything will do. With a little help from soon-to-be-married friend Karuo, he starts arranging a little social mixer, hoping to use the occasion to score - but given he's only been inviting girls who clearly hate him, his chances of success don't look good...

Chasing crowdStar waitress

2 - My Favourite Animal is Pegasus Asuka, Hiyoko, Naru and Kobato are out on the town - in Karuo's restaurant, by the look of it - and are playing a little game of truth or dare - much to the delight of Karuo and Chitose, who are keeping a close eye on their antics. Dora, meanwhile, has a customer lined up - if he could looked interested for long enough to let her tell him what she wants from him - while Yu's having problems keeping her star columnist Chitose in check...

Well, this is awkwardSmacked down

3 - Kobato is Really Adorable
Chitose's been hired to work at Karuo's on a part-time basis - which doesn't exactly please the girls who are working there. Well, those that haven't just quit, anyway. Much against her wishes, Kiyoko is tasked with training Chitose up, and she's going to make his life hell in the process. Dora, meanwhile, is hard on the trail of Naru's missing bicycle...

Ah, quality entertainmentDown and out

We, Without Wings is adapted from a dating sim / eroge from Navel, who have a bit of a mixed history with me. They're the people behind Shuffle!, which after a so-so start developed a stunningly good, highly emotional story that I loved; but they were also responsible for Soul Link which was - not to put too fine a point on it - utter shite. I wanted Without Wings to follow in Shuffle!'s footsteps, but sadly it's a Soul Link.

The series confusingly starts by introducing several distinct groups of characters, with no readily-apparent link between them: Desperate-for-a-woman Chitose and his friends who hang out at a local restaurant; high-school student Takashi and his little harem of cute girls; young foreigner Alice and the men she hangs out with on the local streets; and troubleshooter-for-hire Dora, whose current job is tracking down a missing bicycle for young girl Naru. Over the course of the three episodes I stomached watched, Chitose gets the most of the limelight, as he tries to organise a little get-together with the intention of finding himself a woman - a task that isn't helped by the misogynistic attitude of his barkeep friend Karuo. The other groups get minimal attention, but it's enough to let me know that I really don't care about them.

The main problem is that in places the show just feels wrong. Let's take a few examples, from the opening episode alone: Alice (who appears, at a guess, to be around 8) teases an older man about the "monster in his pants" that appears after she flashed him her panties and makes other suggestions of what she could do with him. Karuo talks about how real men don't use condoms during sex and "put it in without a word". Within two minutes of the show starting, we have another character proudly declaring she's going to "do it with her brother". And hey, come the next ep preview, it's not "See you next week!", it's "See you next panties!" And don't get me started on the opening scenes of episode two, which have Chitose and Karuo fapping to porn under the restaurant counter, while a group of cute girls party at a nearby table. I'm sorry, but what is this shit?

It's like someone sat down, thought long and hard about how to make a series that ticked all the otaku fetish boxes that it could (real and perceived) and went ahead and made it. But instead of being entertaining, it's downright creepy, to a level that left me with a slightly unclean feeling watching it.

With all that said, the series does appear to be trying to do something different. The closing scenes of episode one give the first hint of that, with Takashi declaring himself to be a prince from another world and the scene showing what that world is like - while remaining very vague on whether that's reality or Takashi's delusions. It's also revealed that the male lead in each of the groups that the series follows is in some ways the same person (the mechanics of which I never quite got around to working out) - but while that's certainly an interesting hook, it's not enough of one to keep me wading through all the things that are wrong with the show week after week. Dropped.

Rating - *

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