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Monday, 01 August 2011 00:00
7 - Secret Apostrophe
Armed with a sapling of the World Tree, Naoya heads back to the human realm to bring Lotte back home - although there's a small detail of getting her to let him into his own house, first. With that obstacle dealt with, and Lotte safely back home, there're more high-jinks at the mansion when Elika drops by to torture play with Lotte (in the process giving Asuha a chance to make another new friend), while Lotte finally gets to use her theme park tickets...

Bowled overVulnerable moment

8 - Forceful Comma
The prince of Svarthaed is in town. Astarotte's mother has just made peace with his kingdom, and as a result he's transferring in to complete his studies at Lotte's school - but even before his first day there, a chance encounter with Lotte in the street leads to love at first sight for the prince. His reputation as a bit of a womaiser works against him, but with Lotte and Naoya having had a bit of a falling out, his sudden proposal of marraige gets more thought from Lotte than it maybe deserves...

WomanisingMoment alone

9 - Slight Fever Blackslash
Lotte has invited her friends and staff to the royal family beach, where the swimsuits are revealing - and the watermelons, for reasons best known to themselves, run for their life. It all proves a bit too much for Naoya to handle, who eventually succumbs to problems of a perhaps hormonal nature that leave Judit more convinced than ever that Naoya's the man for Lotte. Lotte, meanwhile, is having to fend off the approaches of Sigurd (again), while trying to find a way to make Naoya feels better. And that doesn't involve resorting to a succubus' usual methods...

Splish splashPersonal service

10 - Adjacent Fist
Every year, a festival is held to celebrate the World Tree and the life that it brings to the worlds it supports, and it's customary for the succubus royal family to play a leading role in the celebrations. After leaving things to her mom is years gone by, Lotte has agreed to perform a song during the festival this year - but she's suffering from nervourness, and to avoid stage fright has called on her friends to help her out. And it seems that she'll need all the help she can get, as it's fair to say that the princess isn't a born performer...

Nice outfitEnjoy the view

11 - A Full Stop for the Two of Us
Lotte awakes and feels a strange sensation on her back - there's a red mark there, which indicates that her wings are beginning to grow in. With Lotte now clearly on the verge of becoming a woman, Judit orders Naoya to perform the duties he was originally hired for - an order that causes Naoya to panic. At the same time, the World Tree releases a burst of magic that seems to be related to Naoya's presence in the Demon Realm...

Sucks to be AstarotteWorld falling apart

12 - An Asterisk Beyond the Sky
With the time before their return to the realm of man fast running out, Naoya and Lotte go on one last date together, while Ashua spends the evening with her (and Lotte's) mother. For both girls, it's an emotional time, as they face the prospect of being separated from people who've come to mean a lot to them - but it's a fate they can't seem to avoid. Once back in the realm of man, though, it's discovered that Judit's assessment of Lotte's mark wasn't entirely accurate...

ComfortNot the happiest of dates

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