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Tuesday, 06 September 2011 00:00
1 - Entrance
Late 19th Century Paris. One day, the sound of unusual shoes clip-clopping along echoes throughout the old-fashioned shopping center, Galerie du Roy - it's the sound of a young Japanese girl named Yune who, although perhaps a little sad and homesick after coming all the way from Japan for her apprenticeship, is sparkling with excitement as she meets people for the first time in the Galerie. Her first job is to clean the windows of the show she's working at - but while working, she has the strangest feeling that someone is spying on her through the shop window...

Introducing YuneSmall but perfectly formed

2 - Cheese
Yune wakes up early in the morning so she can help cook for the day, but sheís puzzled when she discovers that the French donít have warm miso soup and white rice like they do in Japan. Instead, thereís hard bread, foul-smelling cheese and bitter-tasting coffee - all things that she doesn't exactly find appetising. While she's told that she doesnít have to eat everything on her plate, she wants to get used to French food, and so tries to take the leftover cheese with her. Claude, meanwhile, is just as puzzled by Yuneís Japanese values...

ClaudeManners failure

3 - Japanese Labyrinth
Claude is still unable to get his head around Japanese culture and has no idea whatís going through Yuneís mind. Trying to learn more, he asks Yune and Oscar questions about Japan, and they tell him about how Japanese homes are built around "tatami," "water wells," and "Japanese gardens", but the more he listens to their stories, the more confused he gets. Meanwhile, at the Blanche Residence, Alice, a daughter of the noble family that owns the Galerie, gets a brand new kimono to add to her collection...

GlowingWalking in the rain

4 - Water Light
In order to make her frankly nasty cheese more palatable, Yune pulls out some soy sauce she brought with her from Japan. The sauce is an unusual sight in France, and Claude doesn't exactly approve of Yune using it, so Oscar suggests that Yune could make some Japanese cuisine for them. That night, Yune receives a bouquet of flowers and an invitation to a tea party at the Blanche Residence, only for Claude to tell her that she isn't ready for this yet, forcing her to turn down the invitation. Alice, though, is unwilling to accept this turn of events and heads on over to Claude's shop....

Alice & entrourageCamille

5 - Lost
One day, after Yuneís been in Paris for a while, she realizes that hardly anyone is coming by the store. She calls out to a lady passing by in the hopes of drawing her in, but the woman finds this behavior suspicious and runs off. "All you need to do is quietly watch the customers and make sure they don't pull any funny business," Claude explains, but Yune is confused by this concept since Japanese businesses always put the customer first and act accordingly. Just then, she catches a quick glimpse of someone just outside the store...


6 - Crinoline
Alice is dying to invite Yune over to her mansion, and has her carriage take her over to Claude's shop - she wants to take a picture of her together with Yune. Back at her home, Alice shows Yune a picture of her and her sister, Camille that was taken when they were both still children. Even as a child, Camille wore crinoline stiffened petticoats, but although Alice speaks of her sister with great pride, Camille seems a little sad in the picture...

Loving the attentionAren't they cute

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