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Thursday, 08 December 2011 00:00
Allison and LilliaA love story over two generations (good), wrapped up in a series of unlikely events that that contain so many coincidences and freak occurrences that you'll be scratching your head at it all (not so good). Welcome to the wonderful world of Allison and Lillia...

It's the year 3287. Ten years have passed in the uneasy truce between the Loxianuk Commonwealth and the united kingdom in the West, Sou Beil. Will is looking forward to spending a quiet summer at the dormitory of his senior school in Loxie. But his "quiet" summer is spectacularly cut short by Allison's arrival. Having made a showy appearance via plane, Will's childhood friend - they grew up together in the same orphanage - and now a pilot of the Loxie Air Force, has come to spend the summer with him. Just outside of town, the pair meet an old man who everyone says only tells tall tales, but he reveals to them that he knows of a treasure of immeasurable value...

We're clearly not on Earth anymore, but the world of Allison and Lillia bears a lot of resemblance to it - or the Earth somewhere between the World Wars, anyway, in terms of the technology you get to see in the series. Allison is flighty and adventurous - she's more of a test pilot than a combat pilot - while Will would quite like his life to be far more down-to-earth, thank you - something that never seems to happen when Allison is around. The two are quite clearly destined to be together, but Allison - bless her - is having to wait until the realisation of this sinks into Will's thick skull before they can settle down together. Over the first half of the series, the two get involved in a variety of unlikely escapades, each bringing them that little closer together; until we reach the second half of the series, where we take a time-skip and do it all over again with their daughter, Lillia, and her beau Trieze, the son of two of Allison and Lillia's friends that we met in the first half. That sounds harder to follow than it really is.

The "main event" in each half, if you like, is the growing relationship that the lead couple have, and that's all good: Allison and Will are great to watch together, even if Will acts far more the clueless blonde than Allison does; Lillia and Trieze are almost the opposite, with Lillia this time being the one who's clueless in the face of Trieze's obvious feelings for her. They're both fun couples to watch - far from being perfect, but clearly suited for each other, and I've got no complaints about that side of the show.

Where I do have complaints is with the adventures they get tangled up in, which are so full of unlikely coincidences, events that have repercussions far beyond what they feel they should have, and which usually involve "villains" who ability to plan is below incompetent, that frustration and disbelief is never far away. A decades-old war between two long-established powers? Ended by the discovery of a cave painting that showed they were once friends. A corrupt politician falls to his death, after being surprised by little more than Allison buzzing him with her airplane. Characters in the Lillia / Trieze half of the series invariably have connections with characters from the first, stretching the sense of believability. And there are other, more egregrious little "twists", which I don't want to mention as it would spoil some of the show's bigger surprises - I wouldn't want to spoil that sense of "Oh, come on...!".

All of which makes it rather "meh...". I do like most of the lead characters, and that helps carry the series and made me continue with Allison and Lillian when I was very sorely tempted to drop it. There's enough fun to be hand from watching their interactions that the "story", or what passes for it, becomes background / secondary information - but once again it could have been so much better if the storylines were less 'convenient', a problem that can be blamed on the source light novels. Not terrible, but not great either.

Rating - ***