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Wednesday, 02 May 2012 00:00

If there were ever a show that it could be said I was tsundere for, SKET Dance is it. It's not like I want to like it or anything. Stupid show. Mou!! [..] And yet, a year on from its arrival on the scene, I'm still watching. It must be doing something right...

Go have a read of the first review for SKET Dance as for these episodes not a hell of a lot has changed. This batch of episodes, taking us up to a nice natural break in the story, runs though much the same territory with much the same stories, all just getting a further run around the block - Roman, Captain, another few rounds of Genesis... they're all here. Add in the "origin" stories for Himeko and Bossun (which includes a neat revelation that's both entirely unexpected and yet predictable at the same time), and there's a good range of stories here to work with. No Gintama cross-over, though..!

The origin stories are the highlight of the bunch - different in tone from the usual high-jinks that the gang get up to, they're a more serious look at the events that moulded Himeko and Bossun into the people they are today (with a double dose of tragedy on Bossun's side) and are genuinely good episodes, even if there is a little bit of mental gear-changing required to really appreciate them. Part of me wishes the series did this sort of story more often - which does raise the question of what'll happen now that the main three have had the serious treatment.

On the more humourous side of the scale, the series shifts regularly between hugely funny, frustrating, and downright silly - depending both on the stories and what mood you're in when you're watching it. This is where those "tsundere for the series" feelings come into play, as while when the stars align there's a huge amount of fun to be had from the antics of the gang, at other times you just want to burn face in palm while some excruciatingly embarassing scene passes. For all that, though, the occasional urge to drop the series that I had early in its run has never returned, and while the current mix of characters is beginning to wear thin a little, in a case of great timing the second year promises a couple of new additions to stir things up a bit and keep the show fresh.

SKET Dance has turned out to have far more staying power than I though it would have, and its ability to keep me entertained despite what on the surface is a weak concept still surprises me. It's never going to be at the top of my must-see list, but it somehow manages to keep being dropped off the bottom of it, too, despite there being times when perhaps worthier shows have been shown the door. A sure sign that, as mentioned above, it's clearly doing something right.

Rating - ***