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Friday, 05 April 2013 00:00
Koko's back for a second season of weapons-dealing fun, and armed this time with a plan to take over the world, she's seeming even more loco than ever...

Not everyone loves Koko. Book Man, low-profile CIA agent, has a plan to use HCLI's new communications network to give her the runaround and manipulate her for his own ends; Hex would very much like her dead, as slowly as painfully as possible; while Karen, cut loose after Chen's death at Valmet's hands, finds herself working for Dr Miami after a rather unexpected turn of events. Not that Koko worries too much about these things - she has far bigger plans on her hands. The huge number of satellite launches she's been making means that everyone's aware that she's up to something, but even those in her team don't know what until the time is near to flip the switch on her new creation, as it were. And when Jonah finds out what she's planning, he can't bring himself to stay with her...

Koko's plan goes by the codename of Jormungand, unsurprisingly, and if she manages to pull it off, it will mean the end of war - or at least, that's her plan. The problem comes with the amount of collateral damage, mostly in the form of human lives, that would be caused when she puts her plan into action, and whether the ends outweigh the means. Some think they do, Jonah disagrees.

The first season of Jormungand has almost Black Lagoon-level fun - a series of disconnected story arcs, you could dip in and out without any real penalty. Perfect Order (what Koko is trying to achieve, in a way) take a more traditional approach, with the season playing out as one long arc and with more of a focus on what the various factions of HCLI, Koko and the CIA are up to. There's plenty of plotting and scheming, some brief moments of badass, but ultimately a lot more time spent on plot - which took a bit of getting used to. There's more to think about this time around, not least of which is whether you agree or not with what Koko's planning. Without wanting to spoil the details of that, there are definite shades of grey in what she's planning and whether it's ultimately the 'right' thing to do or not that will give you an opportunity to work the braincells a little, should you be so inclined.

There are also a few new(ish) characters to get to know - and usually to love, for the added craziness they bring to the mix. Karen gets more screentime by virtue of her new job with Miami; Kaspar's unit tangles with Japanese special forces; while genius hacker / programmer, a resident of Guantanamo Bay until Koko breaks her out, brings her own eccentricities to the mix as well. No-one in Jormungand could really be considered normal, and this lot continue that tradition to good effect.

The good thing about Perfect Order, really, is seeing Koko put her plan into action and employ her charisma to bring the people around her along for the ride. The downside of the season is that you don't get the see the aftermath of her figuratively pushing the button - you have a good idea of how she hopes her brave new world will pan out, but you don't get to see it happen, which for me was a huge frustration. The season also take too long to let the audience know what she's up to - it's revealed in little dribs and drabs, but never with enough given away to let you piece it together for yourself until Koko's ready to reveal all. The result is probably a more worthy season - there's a big issue here to deal with - but it's a lot less fun as a result, which is all the more noticeable in comparison to the first season, and that makes it harder to recommend. Good as far as it goes, but a step down from what the first season gave us.

Rating - ***