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Wednesday, 17 April 2013 00:00
A rare beastie, this one - a show where I got all the way to episode 17 before I got fed up and dropped it. Ixion Saga DT starts off as a genuinely funny fantasy / alternate world adventure - and then gets a bit bogged down in its own schtick...

Kon Hokaze's quite the fan of online fantasy games - but he was getting nowhere in his latest obsession until a character by the name of Flora asked for his help in the “real world”. Ever eager to be in with a chance of scoring with a girl, Kon found himself unable to say no - at which point the Earth seemed to open beneath him, and suddenly the game was very real...

"Flora", you see, is a Person of Importance in the world that Kon finds himself transported to (although quite what her role is wasn't revealed until after I gave up. Natch.), and has essentially recruited Kon to fill a particular job for her there. Enter the thoroughly cynical Princess Ecarlate, and her bodyguards Sanglain (as manly a man as you're ever likely to meet) and Mariandale (as womanly a man as you're ever likely to meet - trap fans rejoice); and special military unit Incognito, let by dashing ladies man Erecpyle Dukakis and also featuring his sidekicks, the somewhat feminine-looking Variation, the ever-womanising KT, and the ever-thwarted Gustave. The Princess has been betrothed to a prince, by way of arranged royal marriage - and while Sanglain and Mariandale have been assigned to deliver her to her new beau in one piece, Incognito have been assigned to make sure she isn't.

At which point Kon drops into the scene, is quickly picked up by Ecarlate's group and armed with an 'Alma'-infused weapon (essentially a rocket-powered sledgehammer), and let loose on the hapless men of Incognito. In each their first two meetings, Erec suffers the unfortunate loss of one of his crown jewels, if you catch my drift - setting up the basis for a series-long quest for revenge. In the best comic fashion, of course.

From that, you should hopefully get the idea that this is fairly generic fantasy with a dash of gutter humour, and you'd be right. At the start of the series, it work really well, with the encounters between Kon and Erec and his men being thoroughly daft, but funny at the same time - yes, even Erec's unfortunate losses. There's also plenty of humour to be had from Marian's trap status and the off-duty antics of Erec's subordinates. The problem is that the setup almost feels pitched to work for a 12/13 episode series - but with it being twice that length, it runs out of steam in the second half, when the gags and plot twists stop seeming funny and start feeling contrived. This is the point where I was just wishing that Ecarlate would get to her destination and end it all - only to find that reaching her 'destination' was just the kicking-off point for another story arc and more Incognito antics. At which point I gave up.

A disappointment, then. There is I suppose the chance that it picked up wonderfully in its last few episodes, but I didn't get the feel from Twitter and other sources that that happened - shame, really, as I genuinely did like it at the start. Cram it into 13 episodes and we might have had a winner.

Rating - **