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Friday, 31 October 2003 00:00
OP & ED themes for Uchuu no Stellvia are performed by duo angela - the main OP theme Ashita Eno Brilliant Road, and ED themes Kirei na Yozora and End of the World are available on 2 CD Singles. angela - Stellvia OP/ED: Cover ImageThe first single contains Brilliant Road and Kirei na Yozora, in both vocal and karaoke versions. Brilliant Road is, to me, a classic anime theme - powerful music, best played loud, that catches your attention & begs to be sung along to. Sadly, my Japanese singing needs work, but at least you don't have to listen to it. This is a wonderfully upbeat tune & worth the cost of the CD on its own.

I'm less impressed with Kirei na Yozora. As the first ED theme for the show, the shortened form of it did a good job of catching the optimistic air of the show while it dealt with the Great Mission, but it works less well on its own. Too disjointed for me, and edging towards the "racket" category. But that may just be my age speaking.

The second CD contains vocal & karakoe versions of End of the World and Brilliant Road ~ Genesis Version. There's also a third song, not listed on either Amazon's or CDJapan's entries for the disc - a quiet, guitar-backed number whose name sadly I can't translate. A good, relaxing bonus track, however.

The full version of End of the World differs enough from the TV edit that it caught me out - on first listen this version really didn't feel "right" or complete, as the TV version seemed to use more instruments in its arrangement. Still, a few listens to it & it took on an appeal of its own - while it's not quite as catchy as Brilliant Road, it's another great song.

Brilliant Road ~ Genesis Version takes the original OP theme & kicks it down a few gears, turning it into a guitar-based ballad. It really doesn't get much more mellow than this, but the song retains its appeal, showing that it wasn't just relying on the toe-tapping factor.

Like most anime CD's, these probably won't be of interest unless you're also interested in the show, but however you feel about Uchuu no Stellvia - the anime, these 2 discs come highly recommended.

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