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Thursday, 04 December 2003 00:00
.hack//SIGN Original Sound and Song Track - Volume 1Heh - something of a .hack day here - after watching the DVD vol 2 last night I had the urge to dig this disc out again. This is one of those shows where you would almost watch it just for the soundtrack, regardless of how good the show was...

If you follow anime music much, then you'll know that if Yuki Kajiura's involved, you'll get a classic sountrack, and so it is with .hack. Vocal talents are provided by See-Saw for the TV-edit ED theme, Yasashii Yoake, and by Emily Bidinger for the incidental vocal themes. Perhaps unusually, all the in-show songs are in English - which makes it much easier to sing along, much to my other half's annoyance when she's listening to me in the car...

The music in general has a somewhat dark feel to it, reflecting Tsukasa's situation in the show. There are a few more up-beat numbers, usually used during battle scenes in the show, and these particularly lend themselves to cranking up the volume. :)

There are a few tracks on the disc which don't quite fit for 'normal' listening (as opposed to being backing for the animation), but the majority of the disc works really well as an easy-listening CD. It takes a while to tire of the tunes, too - I've had this disc since it was first released in Japan and have yet to really tire of it.

Overall, for a lot of people the involvement of Yuki Kajiura has made this a 'must buy' already. If you're still on the fence, I'd really encourage you to pick this up - it's definitely one of the best recent anime soundtrack discs and should deserve a place in any collection.

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