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Tuesday, 07 October 2008 16:00
Scrapped PrincessPacifica's... err, Pamela's amnesia continues, giving Scrapped Princess an excuse to do some things a little differently for a while, even though the main story is still running along in the background. Pacifica had always wanted to be free of being the Scrapped Princess - now she's got her chance, however unknowingly, and she's making the most of it. But her time of happiness will soon be coming to an end...

17 - A Chanson for Fleeting Moments
The local military have stepped up their search for Pacifica - but as long as they're searching for Pacifica Casull, "Pamela" has some safety in anonymity. Raquel and the others are still doing their best to regain her trust and persuade her that her past is something she's going to have to face, but they're facing an uphill battle - she's settled so well into her life with Furet that she really doesn't want things to change. Fate is unlikely to be that kind, however. Chris, meanwhile, is coming to terms with his own doubts about how the military have been handling things lately. Now, he's been given a deadline of three days to find the Scrapped Princess - but he's reaching the point where he's not inclined to follow those orders...

Cz and ShannonLeo & Pamela

18 - Back-Alley Elegy
Furet realises that Pacifica's now in danger, and decides it's time they moved on - and quickly. Sure enough, they're only barely out of the door before the Royal Forces arrive, and the race is on to get Pacific to some sort of safety. Shannon, meanwhile, is still wandering the city looking for his little sister, and still dealing with Cz's constant observation and verbal sparring; Raquel's also had to start looking for her again after her disappearance. Under prompting from Keydarf, though, Furet and the others have opted to do the one thing that wouldn't be expected of them: to head for Grendel, the home city of the Church of Mauser...

Looking for cluesFuret

19 - Aria of a Mother's Sorrow
Pacifica and the others are arrested by the Obstinate Arrows and taken back to the city, where they're imprisoned while its decided what to do with them. Her dungeon cell isn't exactly the height of luxury, and Leo and Winia are soon released and sent on their way - but in the cell next door is a woman who's far more important to her than Pacifica first realises. Shannon, meanwhile, has learnt of Pacifica's capture and is keen to set her free - but the Blackhawks, an elite military unit, would like to have a word with him and Cz first...

Dungeon girlMother

20 - Prelude to the Divinely-Ordained Collapse
After the death of her mother (not that she knew that's who she was), Pacifica is summoned before the King, her father - and his reaction to her is hardly one of love, but more one of fear. His advisers have convinced him, though, that Pacifica holds the key to breaking the power of the Peacemakers, and that if he's prepared to take the risk of keeping her alive, the rewards could be great. It's a shame those advisers clearly don't understand what they're dealing with, as the Peacemakers' response to the attempt to coerce them proves fatal - and it falls to Shannon and Zephiris to fight back the chaos that's unleashed as a result. Senes, meanwhile, has been working hard on restoring the Skid's defences, and is able to add some firepower of her own to the fight...


This disc starts off with our heroes still split up, and consequently there are a few story arcs to deal with as well. Most interesting of the bunch is of course Pamela and Furet, and the end of their happy days together. Quite how Furet came to care for Pacifica as much and as quickly as he did is a bit of a mystery - it's all a bit like picking up a stray cat, really - but when push comes to shove he proves to be as protective of her as Shannon and Raquel have been. His history - detailed during episode 17 - also makes him quite a good choice as a Guardian, but with the might of a nation's military slowly closing in on Pacifica there's only so much he can do.

At the same time, Shannon is still searching the city for Pacifica, and with Cz having decided to be his constant companion, there's a good deal of information given out about the state of the world - we've already had this speech from the human point of view, as delivered by Senes, but now we get more details from the Peacemakers' point of view. From a purely academic viewpoint, they do have a point - they're trying to keep humanity from destroying itself by making sure they never again reach the technological level where they can do that - but as ever the devil is in the detail. Humans do so much love their free will, and with that being denied to them there's always going to be a point of conflict. While it's not exactly a high-level philosophical debate, it's still fascinating to watch these two tussle with each other over who has the best interests of mankind at heart.

The "Tugging At The Heartstrings" award goes to episode 19, and Pacifica's conversation with her natural mother - played purely for emotional effect, it's still a powerful scene and is the first (and perhaps happiest) of the reunions that Pacifica will have with her natural family. From there, it's all downhill as far as humanity is concerned, and by the end of the disc things look grim indeed. As you'd expect, Pacifica's ability is probably the best bet of restoring order, providing she can live long enough for her full power to manifest itself - but with so many others out to kill her or otherwise control her, the chances of that happening look remote.

This volume is probably the best of the series so far, as we're finally getting down to the real nuts & bolts of the situation - there's still some explaining going on and some details that we don't yet have, but all the players now seem to be in place with the story ramping up towards its resolution. Sometimes I can't help but think Scrapped Princess may have worked better as a 13-episode series - there was an waful lot of filler in the earlier volumes - but now that the main event has arrived, it's a thoroughly enjoyable story. Worth checking out.

Rating - ****

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