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Tuesday, 22 June 2004 00:00
Comic Party - Volume 2Less doujinshi & more work for poor Kazuki as he finds out that creating comics isn't just about drawing...

4 - We Really Have No Money!
Brother 2 are in the red after their first convention appearance - seems only selling seven copies of your doujinshi isn't too good for the bank balance. The only solution is for Kazuki to take a part-time job (although I reckon Taishi should be doing it) - at a cosplay cafe, which Kazuki isn't too keen on. Taishi assures him it's the best place for a doujinshi artist, and needs must, so Kazuki reluctantly agrees. Mizuki's less than impressed, too, once she finds out where he's working...

5 - That's the Problem
Working on his doujinshi's starting to take a toll on Kazuki's school work - he's gone from an A to a D in the latest mock exams, and it seems there just aren't enough hours in the day for him to cope with drawing, work and school. Mizuki offers to help him with his classwork, at least, while Taishi arranges some more unusual help - a meeting with a famous doujinshi artist. Mizuki tags along, not trusting any advice that comes from Taishi, and wanting to learn a bit about the convention scene herself - but will the meeting be any use to Kazuki in sorting out his scheduling problems?

6 - Onward to Comic Party
With finals out of the way, it's time for Kazuki to really concentrate on putting his comic together - with only 18 days until his deadline. No visit to the beach for him, despite Mizuki's invitations - but he does give in to spending the day with her, which turns out to be a good break from drawing for him. He can't truly escape from doujinshi, though, and a run-in with Eimi leads to a flash of inspiration for him...

Mini-Special 2 - The Menace! Dooby-Duba in the Underground World!
Yayy! Swimsuit episode! Trapped underground after the floor of the onsen gave way, the gang are trying to find their back back to the surface. What they find, though, seems to indicate they're stuck in the same place that thing that go missing from the Bermuda Triangle end up in. To make matters worse, a lava flow threatens to engulf the gang - can they escape before meeting a fiery end?

Pretty much more of the same with this second volume - Taishi continues to be as annoying as hell, Mizuki continues to be frustrated by Kazuki getting more and more distracted by a hobby she really doesn't understand, and Kazuki continue to find his feet in the doujinshi world - although it appears he's missing the point in one or two areas. If there's anything that could be criticised, it's that Yuu & Eimi barely feature here, and their antics for me are one of the show's high points.

Still manages to be fun to watch, though, even though the show's not really as funny as it thinks it is. Worth getting, especially if you can try before you buy.

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