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Monday, 27 December 2004 03:36
Stevvlia - Volume 2Perhaps the biggest complaint I've heard from people after they watched the first volume of Stellvia was along the lines of "My God! How can one person cry so much!?". That's Shipon for you. The good news is, there's very little of Shipon's crying in this volume. The bad news is, she's saving it up for later...

5 - Opportunity
For some reason, Shipon's class are practicing for sports events in their Bianca's - and it takes a while for their instructors to get around to explaining why. Seems the inter-Foundation sports festival is coming - Stellvia's record in the past few events hasn't been great, so the Big Four have been put in charge of preparations, with the aim of getting some athletic pride back for the station. When it's announced that one student from Shipon's class will be chosen to take part in the headline event - Astroball - it's the cue for some serious competition...

Stellvia - Episode 5Stellvia - Episode 5

6 - I Won't Lose
Time for the sports festival - and of all people, Shipon somehow managed to get selected for the Astroball team. She'd much rather be doing Manipulator Art, but them's the breaks. The early rounds don't go well - while Stellvia manages to win through, it's no thanks to Shipon, who gets red-carded at an early stage. Can she get her act together in time for the final? There's some moral support from an unexpected source - visitor from Ultima, Rinna-chan...

Stellvia - Episode 6Stellvia - Episode 6

7 - Frustration
Shipon's finally making progress in class - her grades are coming on in leaps and bounds, and she's finally beginning to enjoy herself. Her piloting skills in particular have come to Ayaka's attention - as one of the Big Four, Ayaka's used to being the best at what she does, and if Shipon continues to improve, she could be overtaken. Ayaka doesn't like being anything other than the best - so when the two girls meet in a Lightning Joust duel, there's more than pride at stake. Meanwhile, Arisa's beginning to realise that her grades aren't going to let her reach her dream of being a pilot...

Stellvia - Episode 7Stellvia - Episode 7

Very little mention of the Great Mission here, with the focus being mostly on Shipon's progress, and the addition of Rinna to the cast. You also begin to see the negative aspects of Ayaka's personality come to the fore - and she seemed so nice before, too.

The whole 'sports festival' aspect seemed a little bit too much like filler to me - and silly filler, at that - and it also goes to strengthen the connection in my mind between Stellvia and Battle Athletes. I keep expecting Mr Miracle to appear and help Shipon with her training. Chocolate, anyone?

While you will probably raised a disbelieving eyebrow at one or two points, though, this volume is still reasonably fun to watch. There's plenty of time for more plot-heavy episodes, and there is a limited character-development purpose to what goes on here. Not the best batch of Stellvia episodes, but not the worst, either.

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