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Thursday, 06 May 2004 00:00
Slayers PremiumTime for the final outing of the Slayers - so far at least - and this time it's the TV cast's turn, with a tale of what happens when seafood gets out of hand...

After working hard helping some local fishermen, Gourry's tucking into a huge seafood platter (Lina, who's 'help' consisted of burning most of the catch to a crisp with a well-placed fireball, has to make do with a single burnt fish). The octopus was particularly tasty - but it seems the octpous was cursed, and now Gourry can only speak in Octopusese... With the help of local girl Ruuma, it's up to Lina to help Gourry get back to speaking normally again. Some remarkably intelligent octopi are behind the curse, but with warnings of total destruction and a sorceress of their own, they may not be as easy to defeat as Lina thinks. Add Amelia, Zelgadis and Xellos into the mix, and the only thing that's guaranteed is chaos, and probably a Dragon Slave or two. And that's just before Naga arrives on the scene...

Just when I was getting disillusioned with the Slayers OVA's, they manage to pull one more out of the hat. While it's still a one-gag show, it has the unique feature of having both the TV & OVA characters in one place (although poor Naga doesn't appear for too long), while being genuinely funny - some previous Slayers OVAs felt a bit stretched, even with only a half-hour episode, but this doesn't.

It appears this will definitely be the last Slayers outing - I'm glad to see they went out with some thing worthwhile. Bearing in mind that it's also incredibly cheap (got mine for under £5), and what's not to like?

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