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Monday, 10 May 2004 00:00
Sugar: Summer SpecialLast outing for Sugar & Saga (so far, at least) - but anyone who saw the concept drawings of Saga & Greta as 16-year-olds & was hoping for them to be the centre of attention, you'll be disappointed...

What's in Your Heart (Parts I & II)
It's a few years after the events of the TV series - Saga's grandmother has been doing some spring cleaning & came across some outfits and such that Saga had used for a school play back when Sugar was still around. Time for some reminiscing on the past... Saga inadvertently volunteers herself for the role of Princess in the school play, Princess & Fairy. Just the sort of thing to get Greta's competitive streak going, so naturally Greta volunteers for the other lead role of wicked witch. Sounds like she should be a natural, ne? Meanwhile, Sugar would quite like to get in on this acting gig, even though no-one other than Saga would be able to see her - and for Saga, learning her lines would be much easier if Sugar didn't insist on 'helping' her...

The few short scenes with 16-year-old Saga & Greta are used to try & give a slightly different feel to these episodes, but they're really just 2 extra TV stories to bring the episode count up to 26 - there's nothing here that makes them feel like 'specials' in any real way. That said, fans of Sugar won't be disappointed - pretty much everything that was great about the TV series is present here, and it's good to see the fairies again away from the pressures of finding their 'twinkle' or dealing with their separation from Saga. I just feel that with a bit more though, something could have been done to make the specials something memorable, instead of just more of the same.

Overall, then, good as far as it goes, but feels too much like an effort to be simply 'good enough' than an attempt to make a truly 'special' story.

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