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Tuesday, 20 April 2004 00:00
Super GALS! - Volume 6It's only the half-way point of the series, but it could well be the end of GALS! as we know it...

Advance warning: ADV are marketing this as the final volume, but this disc only takes us up to the half-way point in the series - GALS! is a 52-episode show, but unfortunately the second half of the series seems to be stuck in licensing hell - it hasn't even been released in Japan yet. Moving quickly onwards...

23 - Tear It Off! Rip, Rip! -> Teacher's Golden Image!
Seems one of the teachers at school, Gunjo, has been encouraging some of his students to bully Takazawa, another girl in their class - seems he blames her for his class losing to Ran's class on sports day. Naturally, this goes right against Ran's sense of justice - but Gunjo's got a squeaky-clean image & Ran doesn't have any proof. Knowing what he's like puts Ran at the wrong end of his vindictive nature, though. Gunjo tries to use Takazawa to find Ran's weak spot, but she's too honest to betray Ran - all he does is get Ran really pissed off, which is never a good thing to do...

24 - Off to Machida: The Monkey Leaves -> Tatsukichi Gets Dumped?!
Miyu's new 'Steak Fortune' machine seems to be really accurate - 'Your luckiest day' it says, and so it turns out to be - lucky colour black (Tatsukichi - "Machida Black") wins a bag for her in a lottery. Lucky number 2 - Nii arrives just when she has no money to pay her restaurant bill. Next day isn't so good, though - five black stars, very unlucky, which is just the sort of day Ran has. Next day, five black stars again: 'worst day of your life, no dates, something bad may happen to your significant other'. The only way to avoid her fate seems to be to break up with Tatsukichi...

25 - Yamato: Dead Serious -> Yamato Proposes!?
Miyu's looking for a part-time job, trying to get some independence from her mother - their relationship really hasn't been going well lately, and Miyu just wants to get away. Ran does a little digging & finds out the Miyu's mom may be having financial problems - there's not a lot she can do herself, but she fills Yamato in on the details, hoping he'll be a good boyfriend & come up with some idea to help her out. His solution could be considered a little drastic... :)

26 - Hard-Working: Super Cop -> Ran Kotobuki!
Ran wins a 'sleep-learning pillow' in a raffle. Given that Naka-sen's been threatening her with after-school lessons for the rest of the semester if she doesn't improve her test scores, it seems like it could be a useful prize. Somewhere along the way, however, something goes wrong - Ran wakes up next day the ideal student, determined to follow in the family tradition and join the police force, and seemingly able to solve any crime. Seems the Datchu Detectives have a new member... But how to get Ran back to normal?

Damn licensing issues - I really don't want this series to end, but this is it for the time being... Quality-wise, this is another good batch of episodes, with both serious and comic stories. Me being me, I prefer the comedy - 'Tatsukichi gets Dumped!?' being my vote for highlight of the disc - but the other episode are still great fun to watch.

The problem with ending the series at this point is that it leaves the characters half-developed & with there obviously being a lot more of their personal stories to tell - and it's also a way of really annoying the completeist is me. That said, all hope is not completely lost.

Overall, then - if you're a completeist you might want to wait & see if ADV manage to pick up the rights to the rest of the series, as it's extremely annoying when a show is left mid-run like this. If that doesn't bother you, GALS! probably manages to mix comedy & serious better than any other recent show, and with a great cast of characters it's hard not to love it. Highly recommended.

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