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Thursday, 29 April 2004 00:00
Slayers ExcellentMore Slayers, this time in bite-sized chunks instead of feature-length. Sadly doesn't make Naga's laugh any more bearable...

1 - Labyrinth
Nothing annoys Lina quite as much as having her meals interrupted - so when Naga the Serpent turns up looking to prove she's better than Lina (and starts by destroying the hotel Lina's staying at - including her lunch and her treasures), the stage is set for an epic battle. Or it would be, if Naga was a good as her own opinion of herself. Instead, Lina and Naga get sent on a mission my a group of angry townsfolk, after Naga's theatrics result in the destruction of the only inn in town. And so the two rivals descend into the Labyrinth, where death and destruction awaits...

2 - A Frightening Future
Lina's been roped into doing bodyguard work for Sirene, a nobleman's daughter whose personality bears a worrying likeness to Naga's. It's her job to get Sirene safely to her father's holiday villa, but it's a job that's testing Lina's patience to the limits. Things only get more complicated when Naga arrives on the scene... Can Lina make it through her assignment with her sanity & her client both in one piece?

3 - Lina-chan's Lovely Makeover Operation
Lina is approached by Taijana Dayward, a fashion designer who has decided that sorceresses and the like need something of a fashion makeover. She's also involved in a bit of rivalry with another other of the town's designers, whose partner is all too familiar to Lina - yup, it's Naga. Of course, that means that Lina just has to get involved in the town's fashion rivalry - but when Lina & Naga go against each other, can any good ever come of it..?

I can pretty much guarantee you'll have a sense of deja-vu through most of this disc, as it's all been done before - Lina -vs- Naga is a staple of the Slayers OVA universe, and this disc is three episodes of more of the same.

That's not to say it isn't fun - apart from Naga's laugh (oh, the pain...) the OVA stories have been consistently funny, even if they are essentially one-joke affairs. To be fair, if you're not a Slayers fan already there's not going to be much here for you to enjoy, but for those familiar with the characters there's enough here to keep you amused for a while. Given the comparatively cheap price of the disc, there's little to complain about. Go get.

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