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Sunday, 14 March 2004 00:00
Sugar - Volume 6No more waffo. It's the final volume of the Sugar TV series (although the Summer Special is coming...).

21 - The Lonely Two
Saga's not quite been herself since finding out the fate of her mom's piano - she's been working extra hours at her part-time job in an attempt to raise enough money to buy the piano back, but the length of time she's away from home is worrying Sugar, while Sugar's attempts to help Saga at work cause nothing but trouble. Meanwhile, Salt & Pepper have found their 'twinkle' and have to return to the Fairy World, but Sugar's Magic Flower is wilting - which seems to have an unhealthy effect on Sugar...

22 - I'm Sorry, Sugar
Sugar's sick and Saga doesn't know what she can do about it. Her Grandma tells her a story about how fairies become sick if their human companion is unhappy or ill, but the connection doesn't initially sink in. Meanwhile, Greta's still trying to come to terms with the effect 'her' piano is having on Saga, Ginger drops Saga a few unsubtle hints about what could be causing Sugar's illness, and Operation 'Move Saga's Piano' gets underway...

23 - Tiny Miracle at Muhlenburg
Greta, Phil & co are doing their best to move the piano to Saga's house without it being too obvious what they're up to, while Saga & Sugar, unaware of what's happening, are working hard to earn the money to buy it. At least, they're unaware until Phil crashes it into the side of the coffee shop. From there, it's a game of 'catch the piano' as it runs out-of-control through the town's streets...

24 - I'm Right Over Here
Sugar realises that she'll have to return to the Fairy World once her Magic Flower blooms - and it's just bloomed... Unfortunately, going back to the Fairy World means leaving Saga, and that's something Sugar doesn't want to do... Rules are rules, however, so it's time for Saga & Sugar to come to terms with the fact that all things eventually come to an end...

I know of guys who went into floods of tears at the end of episode 24. I'm not one of them, however, but it was a moving end to a wonderful series...

For all the initial emphasis on finding the 'twinkle', Sugar really ended up being about the lives of Sugar & Saga, and the effect Sugar had on the people around her (whether they could see she was there or not). That kind of slice-of-life is always a difficult thing to pull off - there's the risk of being too mundane and just boring your audience (Figure 17 would be a good example of that, for me). Thankfully, Sugar managed to keep tweaking the setting enough to keep things fresh & enjoyable, so top marks to the writers for doing a good job.

Not one to be marathoned, though, as the show is just too sweet for its own good in places - but when that's the only real criticism you can find for a show, you know you've got a good one. Overall, Sugar comes well recommended for those who like their anime laden with cuteness. Great stuff.

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