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Sunday, 01 February 2004 00:00
Super GALS! - Volume 3More antics from the Gals of Shibuya, with a 'be my boyfriend' contest, a possible alien abduction, Ran-the-role-model and an unexpected departure all featuring in the latest volume of Super GALS!

11 - Chris-Crossing Shibuya: Fun! Fun! - It's a Grand Prix
Second-Place is getting more & more peeved at Tatsukichi's 'boyfriend' status, and challenges him to a duel for Ran's affections. Ran, as usual, takes things the wrong way & launches a competition for who gets to be her boyfriend - and it seems most of the males in Shibuya want to join in...

12 - A Promise Kept! Bye-bye! - Kendo Girl!
As well as being a whole lot smarter than Ran, Shiori's also something of a Kendo star. Since they're stuck in detention with each other a lot (Shiori's smart, but not all that bothered about anything that's not kendo), it's natural for the two of them to become friends - but just as they're beginning to get to know each other, it seems it's time for Shiori to transfer away...

13 - Super Debutante! Super Goody-goody - Ran Kotobuki
After another bout with supplementary lessons, Aya & Miyu decide it's time Ran settled down & actually did some studying - although they know she's not going to do it willingly. Just as well there's this new photo machine - make a wish when it takes your photo, and if it comes out with golden frames then your wish will come true. Seems to work real well, too, as Ran magically turns into the model student & debutante girl. Shame she's dead boring with it, too, leaving everyone to wish she was back to being the real Ran...

14 - Meet Maki! The Shiny, New, First-Year Gal!
Maki's read all about Ran in some Gals magazine & has decided she wants to be just like her. All she has to do now is pester Ran until she agrees to take on an apprentice. That done, it's time for Maki to learn the rules of being a Gal, and that there's responsibility that goes with it, too...

I just can't find anything bad to say about Super GALS!, so this will be short :) If there's anything about this disc that can be criticised, it's the Kendo girl episode - the old 'working 101 part-time jobs so I can afford this present' routine has been done to death, really - but even then it's done with a GALS twist to it (namely Ran getting sacked every 5 minutes) so it's still fun to watch. Never did find out if Shiori won her tournament, either.

As for the other episodes... Debutante Ran is a real hoot, as seeing her in ojousama mode is so not in keeping with her usual behaviour. Any excuse for the datchu detectives to investigate, too, as Ran's kid sister & her boyfriend insist that she's been kidnapped by aliens. Great stuff.

Nii gets thrown a bone as Ran calls him a great guy - although unfortunately for him Tatsukichi's still the boyfriend, so that rivalry continues, while new Gal Maki makes for the weakest episode on the disc as it strays a little too close to moralising for my liking.

Overall, then, still living up to expectations as the best of the current shoujo shows, and one of the few where I find I'm impatient for the next disc. Go get.

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