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Tuesday, 03 February 2004 00:00
Slayers GreatIt's been something of a Slayers marathon for me recently, with TRY, Return and now Great all appearing on my doorstep within a short period. Is there such a thing as Slayers overload?

I'm going to cheat here & do a cut-and-paste from the DVD cover - mainly because it's surprisingly accurate, especially for an ADV release. I guess some copywriters actually watch the titles they write descriptions for...

All Laia Einburg wants for her golem-making father Galia and her equally ambitious brother Huey is to end a long running feud. But her world gets turned upside down when short-statured Lina Inverse and overly endowed Naga the Serpent save Laia from a rampaging golem.

A grateful, but smitten, Galia asks Lina to be a model for his work. Not to be outdone, Huey makes a similar request to Naga. The results are towering remote-controlled golems in the image of our favorite sorceresses! But these golems turn out to actually serve a much darker purpose than pure competition...

Back to my own words from here. Laia really does despair at the competition between her father & brother, but perhaps more infuriating for her is their tendency to do their work for free - leaving her to be the working member of the family. Poor thing. The rival nobles of the town are also thinking of greater things than local domination, too - imaging what an army of Pika Pika Lina-chan's could accomplish!

Anyway, this 1-hour movie is a 1-gag show, and it takes to about half-way through to get to it. The battle between the Goddess (modelled on Naga, complete with bouncy parts) and Pika Pika Lina-chan is the highlight of the show - which has surpisingly little in the way of other magic in it. The simple things in life are meant to be the best, however, and this may prove it by being the most enjoyable of the Slayers movie / OVA series since the original movie.

Fairly simple, then, with one major gag playing fully on the rivalry between Lina & Naga - which is what this version of Slayers is really all about. A good way to waste an hour, I'd say...

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