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Wednesday, 11 February 2004 00:00
Sugar - Volume 4Now that the theatre has left town again, it's back to the serious business of searching for 'twinkle' in this latest volume of Sugar...

13 - A "Twinkle" Found!?
Sugar's Magic Flower has finally started to bloom - but since it's not supposed to do that before she's found the 'twinkle', the fairies are a bit confused about why. Unable to give them a good explanation, Sugar lies and tells them that she's found the 'twinkle'. Salt & Pepper soon figure she's not telling the truth, but Sugar still has to find an excuse to give to Basil & Cinnamon. With Sugar suddenly going nuts about 'twinkle' again, Saga asks some of the older fairies for help, but all she can get from them are cryptic answers...

14 - Pepper and the Dream of Mr Turtle
Seems Pepper has been living at the local Animal Hospital, where she's become quite attached to the local vet (even though the vet can't see her). One day, a depressed turtle is brought in. Trying to cheer him up, Pepper asks the turtle if there's anything she can do. The turtle's response? Help me to fly! And so Pepper enlists everyone's help in her mission to help Lancelot (the turtle) fly... Just as well he has a thick shell.

15 - The Tiny Guest
Kanon's come to visit while her Mom's away on a trip. At 3 years old, she's quite the little bundle of energy, so now Saga has two handfuls to deal with instead of just Sugar... Worse from Sugar's point of view, little Kanon becomes fascinated with Saga's minature piano, home of Sugar's Magic Flower.

16 - The Faraway Town's First Snow
Even trainee Season Fairies get field trips - it's time for Sugar & co's first training expedition, under the careful supervision of the Elder (with help from Ginger & Turmeric). If only he could get everyone to take it seriously. Anyway, each trainee fairy gets to meet a full-fledged fairy with their own skills, with each one given a chance to try for themselves. After seeing Turmeric in action, however, Salt takes a notion that maybe a change of skills is in order, while Saga somehow manages to miss Sugar while she's gone...

Sugar's magical flower is finally beginning to bloom, and it seems Saga may have something to do with it. In a way it's good to get back to the 'twinkle' hunting, even though it does sometimes get a bit repetitive - the break provided by last disc's Mr Bear episodes was just what was needed to keep this (main) part of the story interesting.

Some little hints being dropped here & there as to what the 'twinkle' really is - with the main clue being that if Saga's with Sugar & co, they're bound to find it. Take that, notice that the magical flower always grows some more when Saga & Sugar have been spending quality time together, and things start making sense...

Away from the main events, the story of Lancelot Turtle & his efforts to fly is another good sidestory - even if the idea of a turtle falling in love with a dove is a bit far fetched (I guess if they married, there'd be turtledoves in their future?). Why let gravity & physics stand in the way of true love.

Overall, Sugar definitely falls into the 'fluff' category - but it's good fluff. The focus of the show is moving firmly onto the relationships the fairies are developing with those around them, and relationships tend to make for good anime. Worth watching.

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