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Thursday, 13 February 2003 00:00
Super GALS! - Volume 4Several attempts by different people to improve their love lives in this latest volume of Super GALS!. Emphasis on the 'attempt'...

15 - Cold Revenge? It's Burning Hot! Snowboard Battle
Nii's analysing his relationship with Ran, and he's not too happy at just being called 'nice' - but never one to give up, he resolves to make another move on her & dispose of 'monkey boy' Tatsukichi. Ran, meanwhile, is busy organising a snowboarding trip after winning a board in a prize draw. Thank goodness for indoor slopes in the middle of summer, and for Tatsukichi never having been boarding before - but his latest plan to prove himself to Ran, as usual, doesn't go according to plan. Nii -vs- Tatsukichi isn't the only contest going on, however - Ran's great rival Honda is also on the slopes, so it's a snowboard race for Gal supremacy...

16 - Dappled Sunlight: Sparkling Away - A Romantic Anniversary!
History lesson from two years ago, as Miyu takes centre stage again. Miyu & Ran first met up in Middle School, when Ran was 'asked' to 'take care of her' following another in a long line of schoolyard fights. Miyu was still involved in her gang back then & definitely wasn't the most approachable of people - and then she met Ran's big brother. So how does a gang leader turn into a mild-mannered sweetie with a policeman for a boyfriend? Watch this episode & find out.

17 - Feelings of Love: Start Wavering! Aya Confesses?!
Miyu's latest gadget - a 'love fulfillment test' - marks Aya down as being dark & sombre, and likely to have a bad effect on whoever she's interested in - unless she starts making more of an effort to get her feelings across. And so it's time for Aya to make more of an effort to get together with Rei, although that's easier said than done. Cue Ran to the rescue...

18 - Odaiba Excitement! Crackling Action! The Great Final Battle!
Ep 17 continued - the gang's on their way to Odaiba for a day of amusement park fun (datchu detectives in tow), Rei's on hand, and Ran has Aya all set to confess her feelings. What could possibly go wrong? Let's see: the junior detectives go missing (searching out the fliming location for Odaiba Cop, their favourite TV show), Mami Honda turns up (photoshoot for her charity-loving alter ego), and general fun all get in the way (it is an amusement park, after all...). Eventually she gets the opportunity, but will Rei be intersted? Meanwhile, Honda's challenged Ran - again - but her sidekick is trying to make sure the odds are loaded in Honda's favour.

Not really a lot to say here, as this disc is really just four more epsiodes of the usual manic Super GALS! formula. That's not a bad thing, either, as it's a formula that produces some extremely entertaining stories - just as long as they don't overdo it.

There's a good mix here, with the first episode covering the Nii -vs- Tatsukichi battle (which may be beginning to fizzle out), the second giving another look into Miyu's past, although focussing on a more positive aspect of it than the last time it was done, and the remaining two giving Aya her first real spotlight episodes since episode 1. All four are very well done - Nii's episode is played purely for laughs and is great fun to watch. The rest of the disc is heavier in tone, but there are enough comic moments dropped in there to make sure that it doesn't become too heavy.

Overall, as good as I'd expect from a GALS! disc, and well worth watching. Recommended.

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