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Friday, 27 February 2004 00:00
Slayers GorgeousMore rivalry between Lina & Naga, and more family feuds over minor details. And let's not forget the plot to take over the world. What else would you expect from Slayers?

If there's anything that annoys Lina & Naga, it's having their lunch interrupted. On this occasion it's an attack by a dragon that's done the interrupting - a dragon controlled by a spoilt brat of a princess who's on a mission to get Daddy to increase her allowance! Lina is hired by the King to bring his daughter back into line. Naga, in keeping with her rivalry with Lina, sets up with Marlene (previously mentioned spoilt princess). And so the stage is set for the latest explosive installment of Slayers! Do I sound like an ADV copywriter yet? :)

Ahem. Subtitles in the borders of a 16:9 letterbox image = marks deducted, particularly as ADV is a persistent offender. End of grumble.

I'll keep this one short, as there's not really much to say to anyone who's familiar with the Slayers OVA's & movies - this is pretty much more of the same formula, although perhaps one of the better outings. The story is suitably silly, the comedy scenes suitably slapstick, and the use of Dragon Slave suitably gratuitous to make sure that most Slayers fans will spend a happy hour watching it. For all that, though, there's nothing that grabs you by the throat to make you watch it, but then you probably weren't expecting that anyway. :)

Another disc really intended for the fans & best enjoyed by them.

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