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Wednesday, 10 December 2003 00:00

Slayers ReturnIt's been a while since I saw any Slayers, so the arrival of Slayers Return in my mailbox was a welcome event.

On the downside, this is the OVA / Movie continuity, which means... shudder... Naga...

I hate Naga. With a fiery vengence. Her laugh is just too much for my senses... Fortunately, she seems to have quietened down a good bit since the original Slayers move and the Book of Spells OVA series - so chalk up the first good point for Return.

The story here: a village is having some problems with lesser demons & their controllers, who have forced them into hard labour. Seems there's an elfin 'treasure' buried in the nearby hills, and their plan (world domination, naturally...) rests on getting their hands on it. Not normally inclined to help people from the kindness of her heart, the lure of Elfin Loot leads Lina to offer her services. As usual, all is not quite as it seems, leading to the usual Slayers gags & adventure as Lina & Naga try to get themselves out of the mess they've got themselves into.

If you've seen any Slayers before, you'll know what to expect here - a fairly shallow plot underpinned with slapstick humour. Not to be taken hugely seriously, but it's just what you want to watch when you're feeling the need for mindless entertainment. Naga's been toned down a good bit from her previous excesses - a good thing, as she almost over-ran the show in her earlier outings. Overall your opinion of this is going to depend a lot on your sense of humour, but if you like slapstick this'll be right up your street.

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