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Saturday, 15 November 2003 00:00

Super GALS! - Volume 2Woohoo! A proper DVD review! The length of time I had to wait for these &*$! things to arrive...

Anyway, starting with possibly the best of the shows currently in the pile, we have the 2nd disc of Super GALS!.

In case the cover doesn't give it away, this disc features a swimsuit episode... Now to be fair, GALS! is a girls show, so it's not done in a way that'll get a guys hormones racing, but it's still a fun ep to watch. Nii's wild fantasy trips while he tries to get time alone with Ran are worth the price of admission alone...

Skipping away from the light-hearted stuff, there's a 2-parter dealing with Miyu's gangland past. Back in her gang days, the Eagles were one of her gang's chief rivals - now one of the Eagles has tracked her down and is determined to get revenge. While these eps do still have their light-hearted moments, they're a good bit darker in tone than the series had been up to this point - along with the first episode's touch on Aya's subsi-dating habit, it seems the writers are putting their marker in the ground that this isn't just going to be mindless comedy throughout. Fortunately, it's also not straying into heavy moralising. There's good story here & it gives you some more background into one of the main characters - good stuff.

Rounding off the disc are 2 more episodes of high-class comedy fluff. First up, Ran's little sister Sayo and her boyfriend get involved in a kidnap drama - except that all is not quite what Ran & her mom think. The adventures of the Junior Detectives continue, giving us a bit of a break from Ran & co. I'm a bit split about that - Sayo episodes are enjoyable enough, but at the end of the day Ran & co are the stars of the show and are (for me) more fun to watch. This is still quite a touching episode, though.

Finally, we get the introduction of Machida Black - flashy showboy from Machida, visiting Shibuya just for a change of scenery. For some reason I can't help but think of Vash the Stampede (Trigun), only with a tan... Anyway, he meets Ran & falls in love. Awww. Cue a number of scenes of Nii realising he may have missed his chance, and of Ran's rivals seizing on the news of Ran's new showboy boyfriend with glee. Another great episode - looking forward to seeing more of Machida Black's antics over the coming epsiodes...

Overall, a very enjoyable disc from one of my current favourite series. Well worth the money...

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