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Monday, 29 August 2005 01:00
Tristia - Cover ArtTristia of the Deep Blue Sea gets a DVD release, and a cheap one at that.  Which is just as well - having seen this short OVA series before, I have to say that it doesn't have a high rewatch value.  For all that, it's almost worth getting for the short Q&A show with Nanoca that's been tacked on to the end of the release...

1 - The Tristian Golem Tournament (Part I)
Welcome to the city of Tristia. It's been having a hard time economically, so girl genius Nanoca has been sent there to lend a helping hand - she has plans for a revolutionary solar furnace that could give the place just the kick-start it needs. Problem is, all the time she's devoting to her invention means she's passed on competing in an upcoming Golem tournament - Nanoca's golems are the best there are, and the tournament organisers feel that if Nanoca doesn't compete, the tournament's meaningless. Old rival Panavia, who's come to Tristia just for the tournament, thinks so too - she's come second place to Nanoca so many times that this time she's determined to beat her in style, by fair means or foul - if only Nanoka can be persuaded to take part...

Tristia - Whaddya mean, 'who are you!?'Tristia - Nanoca, ready for action

2 - The Tristian Golem Tournament (Part II)
Take two - after her defeat in the first golem tournament, Panavia's back for a second shot at Nanoca in the rematch, and given that even her current 'employers' think that Nanoca should win, it's likely to be a real grudge match - but it seems Panavia's bosses have been tweaking her golem themselves, causing it to run amok through the city...

Tristia - Robot, transform!Tristia - All happy at the end. For now.

A tie-in with a PS2 game, Tristia give the game fans their chance to see their favourite characters in a different sort of action, although as usual it does seem to require a little bit of background knowledge if you're to get the most out of it - while Nanoca and Panavia's rivalry is failry well set up, most of the fringe characters get next to no development here, relying instead of what you know of them from the games to flesh out their personalities.  Except I haven't played the game, so they're all lost on me.

The story is also fairly simplistic and forumlaic, so don't expect to be able to watch it five times over & still enjoy it - once if pretty much enough, although that first time through is a fun way to waste an hour.

As mentioned, the highlight is a little "viewers' letters" extra that's shown after the main feature, with Nanoca reading questions from viewers ("Are the characters wearing panties or not?  There are one are two scenes where it seems they're not, but it's not too clear." - Anonymous from Tokyo.  "Well, let's see a replay and check.").  Probably the best comedy on the disc in the way it pokes fun at otaku.

Overall, though, Tristia of the Deep Blue Sea is probably only worth buying if you're a fan of the games - and since they haven't had an English translation yet, as far as I'm aware, that's going to limit the audience for this release quite a bit.

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