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Monday, 31 October 2005 00:00
Stellvia - Volume 7 (Cover Art)Much as I love Stellvia, I'm finding myself wishing they'd get to the Genesis Mission that little bit quicker.  The downside of having seen the series before, I guess.  While the Gods of Plot take their time in getting us to the conclusion, we've a few more episodes of Kouta / Shipon angst to deal with, while the adults sort out the science of destroying the approaching cosmic string.  Note to science wonks: it's only an anime, it doesn't have to be scientifically accurate...

20 - Let There Be a Future For You
The simulations that have been run on what will happen when the cosmic fracture reaches the Solar System aren't very encouraging - total destruction seems to be the sole outcome.  While the scientists debate what to do, the kids are going to have some fun at least - Rinna's parents have organised a party for her, although Shipon's not too happy that Kouta's going to be there.  Later, the leaders of the various Foundations arrive at Stellvia for a summit to discuss the crisis.  With just two months left before the fracture reaches Earth, time is running out to find a solution...

Stellvia - Did someone say party?Stellvia - Debating the future

21 - Invisible Wall
Shima and Kouta still aren't back together, despite Kouta's best attempts to find out what he's supposed to have done wrong.  Time for her friends to get together and try a bit of match-remaking - although there's always the possibility their interference could just make things worth.  Meanwhile, further scans of the cosmic fracture have revealed it to be inherently unstable - checking the effects of the destruction of Ultima, which briefly created a mini-black hole, leads to an idea that may be able to destroy the fracture completely.  And so the Genesis Mission is born - but Shipon and Kouta are key to the mission and will have to learn to work together again...

Stellvia - Akira catches Jojo outStellvia - Gomen! No sort yourselves out..

22 - Their Own Path
Preparations for the Genesis Mission are underway, and Kouta and Shipon are in training for the key role they'll have to play in the operation.  The chance of success for the mission is only 0.73%, but the official line from the authorities is that there's no real danger to the Earth.  Kouta's worried that Shipon's not up to the job and approaches his superiors about it, hoping to persuade them to allow him to carry out the mission on his own, unaware she's been taking extra training sessions on the side in an effort to bring her own skills up to his level.  Everyone's preparations are interrupted, though, when the aliens appear near Stellvia - but this time they don't appear to be looking for a fight...

Stellvia - Working on overtaking KoutaStellvia - Another alien visit

At the risk of seeming unsympathetic, Shipon needs to get over herself - all the hassle between her and Kouta is simply down to her feeling that he's better than her & that she can't match him.  Welcome to the real world, girl - learning to deal with your own strengths and weaknesses is part of growing up, but taking the huff with those who are better than you in some areas isn't the answer.  At least translating the aliens' message gives her an opportunity to find at least one area where her skills are better than Kouta's - which gives her the confidence she needs to carry out the Genesis Mission.

All of which is really the sole theme of these three episodes - the planning of the Genesis Mission that goes on simply provides the backdrop to the story & the event that forces Shima and Kouta to learn to deal with each other again.  I've seen a few discussions on this disc that focus rather too heavily on the unlikely science that the writers' have used to back up the Genesis Mission, and I have to point out that this is anime - scientific accuracy is not required, just a sense of drama.  With these three episodes feelings a much like a soap opera as anything else, drama is certainly provided.  Me, I'm no soap fan, so I'm eagerly looking forward to the final volume & the move onto the completion of the Genesis Mission...

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