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Tuesday, 24 January 2006 00:00
Please Twins! - Volume Two (Cover Art)Please Twins! continues, with Karen and Miina first trying to figure out is Maiku's gay or not (all those rumours about him and Shimazaki must have some truth behind them, right?) before realising that what they're feeling for him is a little bit more than brotherly love.  With all this attention, poor Maiku's left with something of a hormone-control problem...

5 - Do You Like Girls?
Karen and Miina have finally transferred into Maiku's school, and as with any cute new girls they're creating quite a stir.  While Maiku's worried about having guys following them around, they're finding out that Maiku and Shimazaki (another guy!) could well be an item.  They say there's no smoke without fire, so the girls set about throwing some female temptation - namely, themselves - Maiku's way to see how he reacts.  Surely no normal, hot-blooded male would be able to resist that, right?  But in the course of test Maiku's sexual preferences, both Karen and Miina discover they may be feeling more for him than just sisterly love...

Please Twins! - Transfer studentsPlease Twins! - Bound to get the hormones racing

6 - Love Alliance
With both girls having planted their lips on Maiku's, embarassment is the order of the day in the Kamishiro house.  All three of them are struggling with their feelings for each other - after all, if they're truly related, then any sort of love relationship would be completely out of the question, right?  There's also the small detail that while the girl who isn't related would be free to fall in love with Maiku, they'd also be losing their reason to be able to carry on living with him.  While Maiku tries to put the whole episode behind him so he can carry on as usual, the girls begin to plan for what will happen when the question of who's the relative and who's the stranger is finally answered...

Please Twins! - Thinking bad thoughtsPlease Twins! - No, not a lovery-dovery moment

7 - Making Memories
Maiku wins a holiday to Okinawa, so it's a summer of sun, sea and sand for Maiku, Miina and Karen.  What better way to make happy memories with the person you love?  The girls' plans are somewhat spoiled when the student council also turns up, under the pretense of holding a "summer training camp".  Yeah.  Right.  And let's not forget Mizuho-sensei and seemingly half of the rest of the school's students, as well.  With Miina's plans of having Maiku all to themselves going up in smoke, her jealousy starts to get too much for her to handle...

Please Twins! - The gang's all here - unfortunatelyPlease Twins! - Meanwhile, back in the hotel room...

Episode 5 is this volume's pure-comedy episode, with a large dose of fanservice thrown in for good measure.  Maiku's efforts to keep his hormones under control are almost as funny as the girls' efforts to make him lose it, and it's a good way to waste half an hour.

The remaining two episodes take a slightly more serious tack - there's still a lot of humour there, but the main business is showing Karen, Miina and Maiku trying to come to terms with what they're feeling.  While this has the potential to be quite a heavy subject area (we are talking potential incest here, after all), the show makes sure not to get carried away & makes sure the tone of the episodes remains light and fluffy - it's certainly not an emotional analysis of incest in the style of KoiKaze or Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru.  There is a little bit of angst here and there, but nothing that spoils the mood.

What does annoy some people, though, is the appearance of Please Twins!' oft-repeated catchphrases, "We could be strangers... We could be related."  I know of some people that are driven completely nuts by how often these lines are repeated, but to be honest, I barely notice them - and if you ditched every anime series that had a daft catchphrase, you would soon find yourself not watching any anime.

Overall, then, another fun series of episodes that begin to get to the real meat of Please Twins!' admittedly-flimsy storyline.  If the lack of depth isn't something that would bother you, it's definitely worth checking out.

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