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Saturday, 28 January 2006 00:00
Chrono Crusade - Volume Two (Cover Art)Chrono Crusade steps up a gear with its second volume, as Rosette tries for promotion (which only promotes a sense of dread in Sister Kate), a new ally appears, Aion makes his first moves and Joshua develops a sudden desire to see his little sister.  Four episodes, and a lot to keep track of - don't blink...

5 - Militia
Azmaria seems to be settling in well, although her sudden desire to be more like Rosette isn't going down too well with certain people - especially Sister Kate. Meanwhile, Rosette's getting worked up about the lack of progress in tracking down Joshua, her brother. She feels she's got the skills to go looking for him, but Sister Kate thinks she's too hot-headed & emotional about him (fair point), and forbids her from searching. Remington has a possible solution, though - join the Militia, who have the rights to carry out independent investigations. To do that, there's a combat test she'll need to pass - a mind-eater demon is involved, but unfortunately Azmaria's gotten herself caught up in the combat area, and seems to have been possessed by the demon...

Chrono Crusade - Sister Kate can't believe her earsChrono Crusade - Rosette to the rescue?

6 - Jewelsummoner / Jewel Witch
Rosette's got her promotion to the Militia - fear the potential destruction she can now wreak.  Her first mission (along with Chrono and Azmaria) - check out some disturbances at the docks. They're not the only ones there, though - a Jewelsummoner, Eclaire ..err... Satella, is also on the scene, taking care of business, although business seems to be getting rapidly out-of-hand. A joining of forces, however, sees the forces of evil defeated for another day. Satella's not at all impressed at Chrono's presence, though - to her, all demons are evil, and no exceptions, so when Rosette suggests they work together to find the last of the demons she was searching for, she's not too keen on the idea, but events soon force them to put their differences aside...

Chrono Crusade - SatellaChrono Crusade - Protecting the devil

7 - The Devil
It seems somthing not good is afoot - the sun has turned black, the moon has turned red and across the city churches have been defiled.  Not to mention rains of fire, the dead walking and other fairly bad portents.  Chrono knows exactly what's happening: Aion has returned.  Central Park is the centre of the "action" - many years previously the Magdalene Order had placed a seal around it, but the seal is now beginning to weaken.  The order head out to reinstate the seal, but before they can do that, Aion appears - and he's after Azmaria...

Chrono Crusade - Rosette's faith doesn't stand up well to Aion's persuadingChrono Crusade - Azmaria's power unleashed

8 - Falling Rain / Puppet
Rosette receives a call from Remington, asking her to pick him up from Grand Central Station - and Rosette's not about to turn down any requests from him.  Problem is, the person Remington was supposed to meet couldn't make it, on account of having been eaten - and the "person" responsible wants something from Remington, and a word with Rosette.  Back at the convent, Chrono and Azmaria's suspicions are raised when they find out that Remington went out with his own car, so shouldn't need collecting...

Chrono Crusade - PuppetmanChrono Crusade - Joshua waits for his sister

Naturally enough, Aion's appearance is the big news here, and it's no surprise that he's after the power of the Apostle.  The big revelation is that Chrono and Aion used to work together, but Chrono had a change of heart.  What they were scheming and why Chrono turned against Aion is still up for debate, and Aion still knows just how to rile his old comrade,  just as he knows the way to get to Rosette is to make her question her faith.  Definitely some good viewing in that episode.

In other news, Satella strikes me as the spitting image of Kiddy Grade's Eclaire, just grown up a little.  Her arrival brings with it a little bit of class and some real tension towards Chrono, thanks to her own past history with devils.  She's a well-rounded character, and makes a good addition to the cast.

The disc finished off with Joshua's first direct impact on the story, although why he's suddenly developed an interest in seeing Rosette is a bit of a mystery.  The standoff between Rosette, Remington and Rizel is quite tense in places, and a bit of a change in style from the usual confrontations.

Overall,then, another very enjoyable volume.  Chrono Crusade seems to have struck a good balance between action, tension and comedy, and the way events are playing out and linking together makes it very easy to just immerse yourself in the show.  That makes it well worth watching.

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