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Tuesday, 04 July 2006 00:00
Volume Four (Cover Art)Sister Rosette and friends return for another Chrono Crusade outing - to San Francisco, as luck would have it, where she hopes to find Aion and some clues to her brother's fate.  Only problem is, Aion's own plans are getting to the stage where he needs Rosette's presence, willing or otherwise.  Has our favourite nun with a gun got what it takes to say "no"..?

13 - Older Sister / Marionette Train
Joshua's "illness" seems to be something that only the presence of his real older sister - Rosette - will cure, as the presence of Aion's "replacement" just isn't having the desired effect.  With Joshua being a key part of his plans, that means it's time for Rosette to be brought to Joshua's side, like it or not.  Unaware of the brewing problems, Rosette, Azmaria and Chrono are taking a rail trip to San Francisco.  Coincidentally, Satella's making the same trip - which is just as well, as Chrono and Azmaria soon need her help when Rosette is kidnapped...

Joshua hears the voices againRizel vs Rosette

14 - Prayer / Invocation

After a long walk & some hitch-hiking (since they pretty much destroyed the train), the gang finally arrive in San Francisco, but the trip doesn't appear to have gone down well with Chrono - by the time they arrive, he's carrying a serious fever, enough so that Rosette feels the need to put off searching for Aion and Joshua while she figures out what's happened to him.  Satella knows the cause - it's his body's reaction to the damage he took fighting Rizel - but finding the cure proves to be a problem...

Azmaria turns on the cutenessTending for the ill

15 - Pursuer / The Pursuers
A devil by the name of Duffau comes to Satella's home, looking for Chrono.  Under normal circumstances Duffau is a Pursuer, but on this occasion he's come looking for help in fighting a common enemy: Aion.  Rosette's happy enough the idea, as are Sister Kate and Remington, but their superiors at the Order aren't at all keen on the idea of teaming up with those who they're meant to be fighting.  Eventually, though, Rosette gets the go-ahead, and the new allies can begin planning.  Aion, meanwhile, continues to work on his own plans, and the day he'll be able to carry them out it drawing closer...

Duffau makes his proposalAion's plan nears fruition

Rizel doesn't seem to be overly fond of Joshua, or understand what Aion's interest in him is - so her attempts to capture Rosette are more than a little half-hearted, with the clear implication that if she somehow kills Rosette - well, oops and move on.  That definitely adds a little oomph to the battle between Rizel and Rosette.  Satella only comes into her own later - Chrono and Az try to save Rosette first on their own, but there are complications and Satella later joins in.  All good stuff.

Episode 14 is mostly comedy, as Rosette and Satella search for fever-reducing medicine - asking for "medicine that works on devils" doesn't seem to go down well with the local chemists.  Rosette eventually catches a bug herself, too, and it seems that her own health is linked to Chrono's.  The main event of this volume, though, is the appearance of Duffau and his followers - a definite case of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend", and the beginning of an unlikely alliance between Duffau's demon faction and the Magdalene Order.  There are a lot of flashback scenes during this episode, which go a long way to explaining what Aion's after and what Chrono was like before his fall from grace.  Still no indication of what caused his fall, though.  Duffau also seems to know a lot about Rosette, including her possible future fate - the first signs of which appear before the end of the episode, and that seem to point towards the series getting heavier from this point on.

Overall, then, another good volume, with the usual good mix of comic and serious moments - although the tone of the series is now beginning to shift decidedly towards the more serious.  Having been spoiled a little about Rosette's eventual fate, it seems that events begin to build towards the series climax from here on in - and I for one can't wait to see how it turns out...

Rating - ****

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