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Wednesday, 19 July 2006 00:00
Volume 6 (Cover Art)Aion's plans become a whole lot clearer as Joshua returns to Rosette's life, and Rosette's latent abilities come to the fore in a way the no-one - except possibly Aion - ever expected.  Death and destruction is the order of the day as Chrono Crusade races towards the end...

19 - Head / Atonement
A premonition leads Rosette to the top of a hill at the theme park, where she finds Joshua waiting for her - the only problem is, he doesn't seem to recognise her, so it's not exactly the reunion she's been longing for.  Aion soon joins the "happy" family, and when Rosette tries to shoot him Joshua intervenes - although using his demonic abilities triggers another of his painful spells - and Aion's so adept at manipulating Rosette's emotions that that's the only chance she gets to take a shot at him.  Meanwhile, Aion's lackeys set about retrieving the last of the Apostles - Azmaria...

Unhappy reunionCenter of the maelstrom

20 - Poison / Temptation
To save Rosette, Chrono first has to deal with Joshua - an obvious problem, as he can't exactly kill him.  Instead, Chrono tries to reason with him and persuade him that Aion's the real enemy, the one he should be using his powers against, but Joshua's not listening, and the distraction gives Aion the opportunity to leave the scene with Rosette.  With the others out of the way, he sets about turning Rosette's abilities to his own use...

The end of Joshua's powersGood girl gone bad

21 - Magdalene / Mary Magdalene
With most of San Francisco in ruins after the battle between Joshua and Chrono, the rest of the gang are left to pick up the pieces - Satella to deal with the return to her sister Fiore, Azmaria to come to terms with her powers and still being alive after so many other Apostles were killed by Aion, Joshua to come to terms with finding and them immediately losing her again.  Meanwhile, Duffau's group learns the location of Aion and Rosette, but opt to keep it to themselves fearing the humans don't have the stomach for a fight, while a vision of a Magdalene from the past - who he loved and who once loved him - brings Chrono back to life...

The MagdaleneParting is such sweet sorrow

I'm going to start at the end with this disc.  Episode 21 in some ways stands on its own as it's 95% flashback & a plot device to break the hold of Joshua's ability over Chrono, but it's by far the most interesting episode on the disc, and perhaps the series - mainly because of what it shows about Chrono's past and how that perhaps ties in with his feelings for Rosette, but also in the way it fills in a lot of the gaps about what Aion's been up to over the past years and how his scheme has developed.  There's a awful lot of information in it, and it's all presented in a way that may well bring a tear to the eyes of some.  A real highlight of the show.

The other two episodes deal with Rosette, and Aion's efforts to turn her power - the power of the Magdalene - to his own purposes, which turns out to almost be the main outcome of his plans.  Certainly, his henchmen quickly turn out to be eminently disposable - and with Rosette unsettled after Joshua's return, it makes bringing her around to his way of thinking a lot easier for Aion.  It's quite an action-packed series of events, with the first on-screen devil vs devil combat of the series to keep the visual candy going, but the emotional impact I think the producers were trying to get across when dealing with Rosette's feelings just wasn't there.  Possibly the issue of Rosette's lack of faith and true purpose behind joining the Order - not for any religious conviction, but simply to find Joshua - foreshadowed her reaction to Aion's manipulation a little too much.

While Chrono gets most of the good character work here, Satella also gets some much-needed screentime, and her past turns out to be not that different from Rosette's - right down to the convenient reappearance of her missing sibling, courtesy of Aion.  That wasn't something I'd seen coming, and it was good to see the blanks of her past filled in.

We're now nicely set up for an explosive finale, and although I've been slightly spoiled as to the conclusion, I don't know the details of how we're going to get there - and I can't wait to find out.

Rating - *****

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