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Saturday, 30 September 2006 00:00
Volume Six (Cover Art)What happens when the hunter becomes the hunted?  Kei Kurono's about to find out - but not before the rest of his friends come to a variety of messy ends and a new group of hunters is introduced by Gantz.  All of which gives Kurono an excuse to be an even angrier young man than usual - and on this occasion, who can blame him?

21 - Big Brother?
Kato manages to stop the alien's acid from eating away at what's left of Kurono by shooting away the affected stumps.  Painful, but effective, and there's always the hope that if they can make it back to Gantz's room alive, the missing parts will be regrown.  Leaving Kurono and Sakuraoka behind, Kato manages to get his hands on one of the teleporter guns (so they did bring one, after all...) and heads back to try and finish the battle.  But just when he thinks he has the final statue beaten, it unleashes a little surprise for him...

Sniper - a good, safe job?Another one down

22 - Don't Ever Say That Again!

A week after the temple battle, Kei's still getting used to being on his own - and it's time for the next round of the game.  Out in Tokyo, a new group of people are discovering Gantz's unique form of life after death.  This time around, Kurono finds several people he knows (or knew) in the group, but just as before it's the same old problem of convincing them just how serious the situation they've found themselves in is.  But if he thinks that's a problem, Gantz has got a new one for him - for the next round, *he's* the target...

2nd chance for KishimotoThis round's target

23 - Kurono Alien!

Finding out he's the target is the shock of Kurono's life - although that doesn't stop him giving orders to the rest of the group.  In previous missions, the real target has been different to the one Gantz has named, so this will likely be no different - but when most of the "players" begin seeing visions, Kurono included, it becomes clear that Gantz isn't planning on playing fair this time around.  With seven other players trying to track him down, can Kurono make it to the end of the round..?

Not looking good...Fighting back

Pretty much everybody dies, and we're left facing the final five episodes of the series with only Kurono surviving from the main cast.  After last volume's carnage, that's hardly a surprise, but it's also not the way most series would treat their stars.  Of course, Kishimoto's still alive in a way, and Kurono does make an effort to strike up a friendship with her, but he only succeeds in making himself look like a stalker.  Poor guy.

Come the final round, his first problem comes when he realises he knows most of the people in the room - his teacher, a shopkeeper, the killers from the temple - which makes it that little bit harder to explain to them what's needed if they're to stay alive.  The second problem is when he's named as Gantz's target.  It's not clear what Gantz is playing at here - payback for Kurono pulling a gun on the man in the sphere, or just a little bit of alien-style playful fun?  With at least two known killers in the group, happy for an excuse to kill someone with impunity, it's clear that Kurono's got his work cut out for him if he wants to keep his precarious hold on life.

The only real downside here is how short the between-rounds section was.  That's traditionally been where we got some good character work and a look into what makes Kurono & co tick - but with most of them dead, it's skipped over here as I'd guess not many of the new folks are going to be around for long.  A bit of a shame, but probably understandable at this stage of the series.

Gantz is still as daft as it ever was, but equally it's as enjoyable as it ever was.  These episodes don't suffer from the horribly slow pacing of the last disc, at least, while three episodes is a more manageable chunk to watch, too.  Another series that's a guilty pleasure rather than a quality show, but great fun nonetheless.

Rating - ***

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