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Saturday, 09 December 2006 04:00
GantzGantz's final round comes to a close.  You know there's going to be a high bodycount here, the only big question is whether Kurono will be included in it.  As if designating Kurono as this round's target wasn't enough of a hint, though, it soon becomes clear that Gantz is determined not to play fair - with the odds stacked against him, can Kurono keep himself in one piece..?

24 - No Labyrinth is Inescapable
Gantz isn't playing fair - along with being the target fot the latest round, Kurono's having visions of Kishimoto asking why he was the only one to survive from their group.  At least one of the current mob believes Kurono's assertion that he's not an alien, though, so he's not entirely on his own - and with the rest of the group squabbling over what to do with Muroto and Kajiura after their murderous little hobby comes to light, it seems Kurono may get a free run - but against all logic, he goes back to retrieve Sakuraoka's book...

In hidingThreatening posture

25 - Let's All Go Back Alive
Kurono and the others head off on the trail of Muroto and Kajiura - Furuta is still harbouring thoughts of talking some sense into them, but to Kurono the mission is clear: kill them both.  With Kajiura injured, there's a clear trail of blood for them to follow, but both boys are prepared for their pursuers - and Gantz seems to be trying to tilt the odds in their favour...

Angry manShowdown

26 - Please Live
One down, one to go, as Kajiura triggers his explosives and takes himself out of the game.  That still leaves Muroto alive, with only Kurono and Mika left to deal with him - but when Mika ends up on the wrong end of a flurry of bullets from Muroto's machine-gun, the game becomes a straight one-on-one battle between Kurono and Muroto.  Come the end of the round, though, Gantz doesn't transfer the survivors back to the room - instead, it has a little surprise in store for them...

Ugly bruteMika

In a show that's been full of stupid decisions by the lead characters, Kurono's decision to go back for Sakuraoka's book rates as one of the dumbest - he could have been home free if he'd put enough distance between himself and the rest of the group.  But that would have ended the series a few episodes short, so idiocy rules once again.  He does manage to get most of the group on his side and to shift attention onto Muroto and Kajiura - which could have raised an interesting question over what would have happened to the survivors at the end of the round, but the bloodbath that follows renders that little issue moot.

Come the "end" of the round, Gantz still doesn't play fair - between delaying the transport to make sure at least one extra person dies, to transporting the survivors into a situation where they're likely to be killed anyway instead of the usual back-to-the-room routine, it's a real case of "you lose" to anyone unlucky enough to have been picked for its little game.  Harsh.

At the end, we're left with a whole lot an unanswered questions.  Gantz's origins and reasons for being, why the aliens were being hunted (you suspect they'd never done anything to deserve it), and several other issues that could be thought key to what was going on are all unaddressed.  There's also no real indication of who lived past the final round - it's all left deliberately open to interpretation, leaving you to make up your own mind.  I'm not sure I like that approach, personally.

In the end, Gantz lives or dies on how you enjoy the games themselves.  All that gratuitous violence has a certain appeal, if it hadn't been padded out with so much stupidity.  While the character pieces during the early part of the series were well worth watching, all that good work was undone when Kato and Kishimoto were killed (although it's refreshing to see there's no reset-button revival for them).  In the end, I'm a bit confused by what the writers were trying to do with Gantz - it's a jack of all trades and master of none.  Overall, it's okay to watch once through as there are some really good moments hidden in there, but once the shock value's gone I can't see it being a series I'll be replaying.  Another one for the rental list.

Rating - ***

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