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Friday, 02 March 2007 00:00
GitS;SAC 2nd Gig Box26 episodes, 7 volumes, and a £100 price difference between this and the single-disc releases - which only recently finished.  The boys at Manga must be feeling awfully generous at the moment, and their generosity is to our gain as one of the best series in recent years, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig, arrives in the bargain basement.  What are you waiting for..?

As you'lll probably know by now, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex follows the adventures of cyborg Major Motoko Kusanagi and her colleagues in Public Security Section 9, with this series dealing with the attempts by the shadowy Goda (from the Cabinet Intelligence Office) to use man-on-a-mission Kuze to create the conditions necessary to overthrow the Japanese government.  If that sounds horribly complex, don't worry - it's not, and it's definitely easier to follow than the first season's Laughing Man story.  For the full details on each episode, check the reviews of the individual discs, then come back here for the overall verdict:
» Volume 1
» Volume 2
» Volume 3
» Volume 4
» Volume 5
» Volume 6
» Volume 7

GodaMission Start

Young MotokoActive service

Tachikoma hackingMotoko & Kuze

There really is very little that's not to like about this series.  If 2nd Gig has a failing, it's that its pacing isn't as tight as the first season - there are times around volumes 3-5 where there are streams of standalone episodes and no sign of the main plot, where you just wish they'd get back to the point.  Even the standalone episodes are good, though, giving some good glimpses into the personailities of the various characters that the arc stories don't allow time for.  Episode 11, Affection, is particularly good in that area.  The main arc is uniformly good, with events following a natural flow that's easy to keep track of, so that come the final episodes where everything begins to fall into place there's nothing there that will outright surprise you or leave you wondering just what happened.

What this set doesn't provide is the DTS versions of the episodes.  The individual releases are all 2-disc sets - this complete collection only provides disc 1 of each set.  If you don't have a high-end setup that can do DTS soundtracks justice, that won't be a problem, but if you do you may still want to consider the single discs - although is a better soundtrack really worth an extra £100?

At £20 a disc, GitS:SAC 2nd Gig was an easy 4-star release, on the borderline of 5.  At this price, it's an easy 5 stars, no question.  The TV edition of GitS is every bit as much a modern classic as the theatrical version, with the added bonus of being far less philosophical and much more accessible, and with this collection you really can't go wrong.  Very highly recommended.

Rating - *****

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