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Tuesday, 16 October 2007 17:00
Ah! My Goddess TVIt’s becoming more and more obvious to everyone that Belldandy and Keiichi are becoming inseperable – obvious to everyone but the two loverbirds themselves, at least. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not worth trying, especially when you’re harbouring a serious grudge against the goddess. Enter mischievous demon Marller, who’s determined to cause problems for Belldandy...

11 - Ah! The Demon Arrives and Wreaks Havoc!?
Keiichi just can’t seem to keep the women away – he may have settled into his little sort-of-relationship with Belldandy, but still others keep turning up to spoil his fun. In the case of Demon First Class Marller, there are practical reasons for this – as well as having a score to settle the Belldandy and Urd for sealing her away inside a thrash metal CD (imagine listening to that for the rest of eternity), the general good vibes and happiness that the lovebirds are broadcasting is causing serious issues of balance that a demon just can’t let slide – and so when the auto club senpais inadvertently release Marller from her shiny-disc prison, all bets are off. with Belldandy being more than capable of looking after herself, Marller needs to find an easier target to stand a chance of getting to her. Like Keiichi, for example..?

MarllerKeiichi's looking different today..

12 - Ah! Choosing Between the Goddess and a Queen?
Having her talisman in Belldandy's hands kinda limits Marller's options for further annoying the Goddesses - until she comes across someone who'd quite happily sell her soul to the devil to score one over on Belldandy: Mishima. Perhaps any devil will do - and so in exchange for some help from Mishima in retrieving her talisman, Marller promises to help get rid of Belldandy. What she didn't mention was that her plan involves having Keiichi fall in love with Mishima instead...

Deal with the devilWeaving her spell

13 - Ah! Who Does Big Sister Belong To?
Another day, another problem caused by Belldandy's continued presence on Earth - this time, a growing number of bugs in the Yggdrasil system that threaten to wreak real havoc if they're allowed to go unsquashed. As it is, Urd's already having problems with holy horses and Keiichi magically appearing in her bath. The solution comes in the form of Belldandy's tech-savvy little sister, Skuld, who arrives on Earth complete with bug-squishing mallet and a slew of other debugging tools - and she firmly believes that the bugs are all Keiichi's fault. Belldandy's heart has become unstable, and as far as Skuld's concerned the only permanent fix is for her sister to abandon her contract and return to Heaven...

Bridge bunnyTrouble brewing?

14 - Ah! Teaching a Lesson Called Competition?
After dealing with the Yggdrasil bugs, Skuld has made herself at home in the temple and is causing all sorts of problems with her "labour-saving" gadgets - the sort that are only labour-saving until they blow up. She's also doing her best to monopolise her sister's spare time & depriving Keiichi of any real quality time with Belldandy. There's the promise of further chaos when Megumi visits and realises Skuld's just as much into engineering as she is - but Skuld's not about to let anyone else claim to be better than her. The result? A contest between Skuld and Megumi, to see who can create the best robot from a set list of parts. Let battle commence...

Who's side are you on!?Megumi takes a beating

While neither of this volume’s new arrivals are looking to get their hands on Keiichi for themselves, they’re both determined to get him as far away from Belldandy as possible – and for much the same reasons: they’re just too damn happy together, and it’s causing problems for both demons and gods. I remember Skuld as being one of my favourite characters back in the OVA days, but whether by passage of time or just having her characterised in a different way this time around, I’m not so sure any more, as now she comes across more as a spoilt child looking to get her own way than anything else. Bug-squishing aside, Skuld clearly adores her big sister and would quite happily monopolise her time if she could – and a lot of her efforts to get Keiichi away from Belldandy now flow from her not being able to spend that time with her on Earth. The Yggdrasil bugs are just a convenient excuse. There’s some fun to be had with Skuld’s antics – especially her over-the-top inventions, even if the idea of them isn’t all that original – but it’s hardly the highlight of this disc.

That honour goes to Marller (or Mara, depending on whether you take the spelling from the packaging or the subtitles), who truly is a demon in both name and nature and has an almost endless supply of schemes to separate Keiichi and Belldandy. She doesn’t really come across as truly evil – Urd’s been known to get up to just as much mischief – but it’s the purposes her scheming is put to that mark her out as the bad gal of the piece. She’s a lot of fun to watch, and a character I’d definitely hope to see more of as the series goes on.

The last episode on this disc features an invention battle between the little sisters (Megumi and Skuld) to see whose tech skills are greatest. It’s a fun little episode, but nothing that really contributes much to the story, such that it is. As filler between the Keiichi / Belldandy stories it works well, but that’s about all there is to it.

As before, this volume doesn’t do anything to radically change the Ah! My Goddess setup – even the arrival of the new characters doesn’t really shake things up that much. What it does do is provide another 4 episodes of light-hearted comedy with a sugar-coating, that should easily be able to keep most people entertained for an hour or so & leave them with a good feeling inside, and that works for me.

Rating - ****

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