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Sunday, 11 November 2007 17:00
Ah! My Goddess TVWhile Marller continues her efforts to bring misfortune on Keiichi and Belldandy, and Skuld continues her efforts to keep her big sister to herself, Keiichi tries to work up the courage to tell Belldandy how he feels about her. It would be a lot easier if the rest of the gang would ever give them five minutes of peace and quiet – but where would the fun in that be..?

15 - Ah! A Heart Stolen by a Goddess?
Skuld's still determined to make sure that Belldandy spends as much of her time as possible with her instead of Keiichi. Her latest plan to impress her sister to the point were she forgets she has a boyfriend (sort of) is her latest labour-saving robot creation, the Big Sister Helper Robot, Banpei RX - but no sooner has she switched it on than the shrine's electrics are overloaded and she's left facing two very angry people. Just for once, though, it looks as though Skuld's created a robot that isn't going to self-destruct or otherwise be a disaster - it even has a pretty good Marller-defence mode - so Belldandy allows him to stay activated. When Skuld can't resist making a few "improvements", though (trying to overcome those power problems), his defence mode is extended to keeping anyone away from Belldandy - including Skuld...

What did I do!?Banpei goes into defence mode

16 - Ah! Misfortune Arrives and the Tea-Stalk Stands Upright?
Marrler's getting fed up with the constant humiliation that the three sisters have been heaping on her, and is determined to turn the tables. With Banpei on guard duty, the direct approach hasn't been working, so she needs to come up with a more roundabout route of attack that will actually get their attention. Her plan: to take control of Megumi's body for a while, and use that to get past Banpei's defences; and once she's close enough, to use her super-secret Weapon of Last Resort to make the gang's lives hell. The only person able to warn them is Megumi's earth-demon flatmate, who normally lives life in the form of a rat - and he's having a hard time getting to the gang to deliver his warning...

Earth DemonTrouble in minature

17 - Ah! What do Talent and Hard Work Have to do With It?
When Den-chan and Dai-chan enter Hasegawa for a women-drivers-only kart race, she's not happy - she's far happier working in the pits and keeping the engines going that she is in actually driving anything, but her objections fall on deaf ears, even though she's positively terrified by the prospect. Belldandy offers to help her out, though, and so her special karting boot-camp begins. With part of the shrine's grounds temporarily turned into a karting track and Hasegawa living on the premises for a while, she's got plenty of opportunity to practice - but having three helpful goddesses on her case only gives her even more cause for worry...

Reluctant driverHappier now

18 - Ah! Confess Your Love Under the Moon?
When Megumi gets a little frustrated with the lack of progress her big brother is making with Belldandy, she arranges for the two of them to take a beach holiday together. It's the perfect opportunity for Keiichi to get the job done and go all the way, if you see what she means - or at least, that was the plan, but somehow the rest of the gang have managed to tag along with them. While that means there's plenty of fun to be had, is also means that the chances of the lovebirds getting any sort of quality time together - never mind "going all the way" - are pretty much zero. Come a clear, moonlit night, though, Keiichi finally works up the courage to confess his feelings - if only he can make his way through Skuld's traps to Belldandy to tell her...

What's he looking at?Robogirl

Four more episodes of comic mayhem from Keiichi and the girls, with a little bit of sappy romance thrown in for good measure. While you can’t really argue that Skuld’s quite the genius, if I was her boss I’d be having harsh words about quality control – if I caused as many inadvertent explosions and other mishaps as her robots do, I’d either be unemployed or divorced, depending on what got blown up. Banpei at least limits himself to just using so much power that nothing else in the shrine works, and having him fall in love with Belldandy is a fun little diversion. He hangs around once that little glitch has been dealt with, becoming the gang’s new full-time bodyguard – his methods of dealing with Marller are especially appropriate.

The best comedy on the disc comes from episode 16, though, which sees Marller possessing Megumi’s body and unleashing a demon of misfortune on Keiichi, leading to him ending up in all sorts of compromising situations. With each mishap Belldandy’s temper gets closer to breaking point (you can’t tell this by looking a her, but if you look at what’s going on around her you’ll see what I mean), and each time Marller’s thwarted when Keiichi’s able to find a lucky way to save himself. Great fun, and the only real laugh-a-moment episode here.

Anyone still holding out hope of a public confession of love by our lead lovebirds will really appreciate the final episode on the disc – being a beach episode, it also throws a certain amount of fanservice in there, but the real point is to give Belldandy and Keiichi some space to tell each other how they feel, and even with Skuld and Urd in the way (Urd trying to egg them on in her usual over-the-top way, Skuld trying to make sure Keiichi doesn’t steal her beloved big sis from her) they do get enough time together to get things off their chests. Ish. Sort of.

If there’s anything wrong with this disc, it’s that it’s just more of the same of what we’ve had on the previous three. On one level there’s nothing wrong with that – all the stories here are perfectly enjoyable, and if you’ve enjoyed the series so far you won’t feel you’ve wasted your time with these episodes – but part of me’s always hoping for something a little different from Ah! My Goddess, and this disc doesn’t really provide that.

I still enjoy Ah! My Goddess, but there’s a “more of the same” feel about this disc that did spoil the experience just a little. There are still some great moments of comedy & romance here, though, and overall there’s no reason to pass on this volume if you’ve enjoyed the rest of the series before now. Nothing spectacular, then, but still an enjoyable series.

Rating - ***

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