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Wednesday, 17 November 2004 00:00
GravionNothing quite like a volume of Gravion to relieve the blues of a bad day. This time around, the gang are getting in some R&R time - or at least, they're trying to, but those pesky Zeravire keep getting in the way of their plans...

6 - Toga's Day Off
Eiji's suffering from a bad case of cabin fever, and feels the need to get away from Sandman's castle for a while. Since Toga's never even been outside before, Eiji brings him along to give him a taste of outside life. Getting outside means sneaking on board the maids' cruiser - and wearing their outfits, which causes some confusion in the city. Just as you'd expect, there's a Zeravire attack while the guys are away - without them, Gravion can't assemble, and no-one knows where they've gone...


7 - The Drill Girl of the Beach
Luna's gone home to Okinawa - it's the anniversary of her father's death, and it's time to pay her respects. Okinawa is also home to the International Peace Centre, and the Zeravire's next target - so it's not long before the rest of the gang descend on the island (on standby for the attack, honest...) to ruin her holiday - and as expected, Gravion's services are soon required again...


8 - Super Heavyweight Battlezone
Eiji's in trouble for acting on his own again, drawing the wrath of both Raven & Luna. Taking some time on his own to catch his thoughts, he goes to take a look at Toga's machine, Gran Kaiser - and lets his curiosity get the better of him when he enters it & becomes trapped inside. When a Zeravire infiltrator attacks the castle, Eiji's left having to take care of it himself...


9 - A Distant Embrace
The castle staff are cleaning up after Eiji's battle with the Zeravire, giving Mizuki a chance to look into the disappearance of her best friend - Ayaka, Eiji's sister. She's managed to gain access to the West Tower, where Ayaka disappeared - something Eiji never managed to do - but will her investigation uncover any more facts about Ayaka's fate?


Only episode 9 makes any real attempt to advance the 'plot' here, with the other 3 episodes being pretty much filler of the sort that's almost standard for anime these days - first half normal life, second half battle sequence. You do get so much more out of Gravion if you leave your brain behind - and that's not a criticism. If all shows had to make you think, or tried to emotionally engage you, there'd be a lot less occasions where I'd be in the mood to thrown a disc in the player. Gravion fills my need for senseless eye-candy to perfection, and that makes it a recommended show - as long as you don't expect too much from it.

Rating - ***

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