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Wednesday, 05 November 2008 00:00
Eureka 7Eureka Seven reaches its conclusion, and I have to admit, I may have to confess to becoming a fanboy. It's the end of the world as we know it, and Renton and Eureka sure don't feel fine. They're not the only ones, as Dewey's plans come to a head and everything pivots on one decision...

46 - Planet Rock
Dewey's group have almost pinpointed the location of the "control cluster" - the most vulnerable part of the scub coral, and the target for the next phase of his operation. In the Zone, Eureka and the others struggle to find out why Renton has suddenly been taken ill, while stormclouds gather threateningly on the horizon - between his affliction and Eureka's transformation, has their mission failed? Meanwhile, the Gekko and the Izumo join forces to deal with Dewey...


47 - Acperience 4
Renton receives the biggest surprise of his journey so far when, on arriving at the coral tower, he finds his missing sister Diane waiting for him. But all is not as it seems - Eureka warns him not to go near Diane, but he doesn't listen. As he approaches her, the world around him changes to a giant library - a representation of Eureka's real home, the centre of the scub coral, or so Diane tells him. She's been living with the coral since she disappeared, learning about the true nature of the coral and the universe around them. The scub coral had arrived at Earth 10,000 years earlier, gaining consciousness after arriving there and going on to absorb lifeform after lifeform, growing larger all the time, until eventually a fearful humanity fled the planet, leaving the coral to grow and become the only animal life left on the planet. All the coral wants, though, is companionship from humans and the opportunity to live together in peace - but now Dewey's actions threaten not just them, but the existence of the universe itself. Their solution is to merge with humanity, to become creatures of pure thought that can flee to safety in another universe - but Renton's not planning on giving up his own existence so easily...

ReunionSwapping notes

48 - Ballet Mécanique
Dewey launches his attack against the scub control cluster. At the forefront of his attack is Anemone, piloting The End as usual, but she's far from her usual self - consumed by self-loathing and regret at what she's become, she's even more unstable than usual. Unaware of this, Dominic leaves the Gekko with the intention of talking Anemone round and persuading her that Dewey's way is not the right way - but can he get through to her? First, though, Eureka and Renton must deal with her, as the path carved by Dewey's opening salvo allows The End to reach the Zone...

Lethal ordersBroken girl

Homeward boundYoung love

49 - Shout to the Top
The "debris" from Dewey's second strike is proving remarkably adept at picking off important targets - it seems the coral have a plan to fight back, and are putting it into action. The strike has also opened a 100-kilometer crater in the Tenshan Mountains, a crater that appears to lead to another world below - the Zone, the original surface of the Earth, where Renton and Eureka are. Worryingly, Eureka can no longer hear the voices of the coral or the Nirvash, and the mech itself seems to be running out of control. Meanwhile, Dewey prepares to launch the final phase of his campaign, and he's got plans to make use of the Nirvash as part of it - but Holland and the Gekko crew aren't about to allow that to happen...


HollandFinal act

50 - When You Wish Upon a Star
Dewey's plans have gone even further than anyone expected - the collars that Anemone and Eureka wore were part of his scheme, intended to force one or other of them to become substitutes for the control cluster after it was destroyed - but it hasn't worked in Anemone's case, and Eureka's fighting her "destiny", leaving the situation in a sort of limbo. She's still trapped in the vortex that surrounds her, but the one person who could help her - Renton - is too busy feeling sorry for himself to do anything. Until Holland beats some sense into him. With the fate of the world depending on him, can Renton find the strength to bring Eureka back from the brink..?

IntermissionNew life

To the rescueTogether forever

One of the things that has both defined Eureka Seven and been one of its frustrations is the setting, about which many hints are dropped over the course of the series without it ever being explicitly stated where the story was taking place. The appearance of Earth in the previous volume, albeit in a slightly changed form, dangled an intriguing possibility about the link between Earth and the world of Renton and Eureka. That possibility is fully developed across these episodes, and the palpable sense of everything suddenly clicking into place, with the realisation that goes along with it (I'm not going to spoil the surprise by going into the details here) is like being on the receiving end of a revelation.

The show doesn't go for an entirely happy ending, either. Yes, the world is saved, but at a cost, and that cost extends to both Renton and Eureka. The key to resolving the situation is the love they both have for each other, a love that's finally openly confessed by them both here - but it has to be borne in mind that they're of different species, and that Eureka in particular has been becoming less and less human since her arrival in the Zone. For them to be together, sacrifices need to be made and changes need to happen, and that's explored here in some rather moving scenes.

Add in the resolution of Dewey's rise & fall (both deliberately engineered by him as part of his greater plan), full details on the origins & aims of the scub coral, the truth about the disappearance of both Diane and Renton's father, and more besides, and Eureka Seven does a better job of tying up its loose ends than any show I've seen in quite some time. It's impressively done, and while there's a huge amount going on it's perfectly paced, with never too much to take in and always enough to leave you wanting more. It makes it a horrible realisation when you reach the end of episode 50 and remember that there isn't any more.

As a series, Eureka Seven is enjoyable from start to finish; as a concluding volume, this is simply outstanding. I know the commitment of a 10-volume series isn't a small one, but in this case it's thoroughly worth it.

Rating - *****

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