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Thursday, 11 February 2010 00:00
Guyver, the Bioboosted ArmorAh, swings and roundabouts - sometimes things are good, sometimes bad. Guyver has been doing well the past few volumes, but as this volume moves into the end-of-series showdown, all semblance of anything called "plot" goes out of the window. As does my interest in what's happening on-screen...

21 - Relic's Point in Disarray
Aware that his plans have been thwarted, Guyot is doing his best to secure his own safety, but despite having the powers of a Zoalord there's at least one person he can't defend against - and who just happens to be the person who's pursuing him. He can run from Archanfel, but he can't hide or fight back, and so he's now headed for the lower levels of Relic's Point in his search for a place of safety. Aptom, meanwhile, is taking advantage of the chaos in the base to pursue his own agenda...

Guards! Guards!Tracking Guyver

22 - Countdown to Collapse
With the battles within Relic's Point having brought the base to the brink of collapse, Sho is working on getting the ship ready for flight while his friends do their best to get out of the base while they still can. Such things don't seem to concern Archanfel, Guyot and Barcas, though, who continue their battles - as does Aptom - unaware that outside, the other members of Chronos' Council of Twelve have arrived. Guyot's latest attempt to kill Archanfel threatens to kill far more than just Archanfel, but Guyot doesn't seem to care - and now Mizuki and the others are in the firing line...


23 - Ray of Annihillation
Sho finally manages to get the Relic to launch, just as Murakami spots a weakness in Guyot's defences and launches what he hopes will be a fatal attack. The ship's launch doesn't mark the end of the gang's problems, though, as Barcas and the other Council members await the ship on the surface. Guyot, though, proves as difficult to kill as ever, and makes his own attempt to prevent Sho from keeping control of the Relic. But there's one person who has been forgotten about in the chaos, and who soon makes his appearance: Archanfel, who has seemingly survived a trip beyond the event horizon of a black hole and come back stronger than ever...


Oh dear, oh dear. It's all gone a bit wrong. After two volumes where there was some time spent in getting away from all the fighting and in fleshing out the characters, this volume throws all the good work out of the window. I could write this review as "Kill! Kill! Annihilate! Maim! Kill!", and that would sum things up nicely. Unfortunately, good manners require a few more words than that, so let's see what I can come up with.

Two problems: the complete absence of anything other that fighting, and the complete irrelevance of 90% of the on-screen characters as far as events in this volume are concerned. The "civilians" in Sho's group - Mizuki, Tetsuro and the scientists they've been hiding with - just stand around for three episodes, going "ooh!" and "aah!" at appropriate intervals. Aptom arrives on the scene ready to kill anyone who stands in his way, before simply disappearing from the plot without making us any more aware of what he's trying to achieve. And - most annoyingly of all - the remaining members of the Council of Twelve, apparently a veritable army of Zoalords with powers unmatched by anyone other than Archanfel, appear on the scene to much pomp and applause, and then... do nothing. Except stand there, and watch, and give the occasional piece of painfully obvious commentary. What's the point!?

As for Archanfel - well, I suppose it takes a seriously mean mother to survive being sucked into a black hole and somehow emerge more powerful than ever, but personally I was just more annoyed that yet another character in this series was clearly killed, and them miraculously survived. That's one of my pet hates in anime, and just about unforgivable in my mind. Add in all the other failings in the volume, and I was just left cold to the whole volume - and after the way the previous volumes had begun to make me warm to the show, that's a real disappointment.

There are still three episodes left, and I suppose it's possible that the series could redeem itself yet. Somehow I doubt it, though, and that means that my interest in Guyver is just about gone. Pointless, unoriginal and dull.

Rating - **

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