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Wednesday, 06 October 2010 00:00
TrigunUh-oh, it's recap episode time - which when there's only three episodes on the volume in the first place, as we have here, makes it seem even more of a waste of time than they usually do. Fortunately the remaining episodes have plenty in them to make them worthwhile viewing...

11 - Escape from Pain
Vash and his growing band of hangers-on are stuck in the town of Pain, where conditions in the desert are stopping their caravan train from going any further. Wolfwood and Millie get caught up in the case of a young girl who the townsfolk seem very keen on finding. Her name is Moore, and she's wanting to run away with Julius, the son of the leader of the city of Fondrique. Meryl and Vash, meanwhile, have been hired by Mr Fondrique and tasked with finding his son - and aren't aware that that could put them up against Millie and Wolfwood...

WolfwoodUnder threat

12 - Diablo
Another town along their journey, and Vash, Millie and Meryl are passing the time playing with the local kids. A passing moment sees Vash realise that there's someone else in the town, someone unbelievably dangerous. He calls himself Legato, and he's got one goal: to deprive Vash of his life. That's not a job he's going to do himself, though - someone else has been assigned the task, and Legato promises that today will be his day to die. In the meantime, Vash has been framed for a murder in the town - and it's going to be rather hard for him to defend himself while stuck in a prison cell...


13 - Vash the Stampede
Vash's interrogation of his attacker doesn't provide much in the way of useful information. It's been a blunt reminder for Meryl, though, that despite his goofy behaviour Vash is capable of causing serious destruction, and while writing her latest report back to the company, her thoughts turn to how they caught up with him in the first place - and all the tall tales they heard about him along the way...

Back in the officeEarly challenges

The final episode here is the dreaded recap, although I do have to admit that it's better than most - there seems to be a reasonable amount of new animation and scenes thrown in to pad it out and make it more than simply retelling the story so far. Equally, though, there's still plenty of repeated information that I could have done without seeing again. But, let's move on to two episodes full of new stuff...

This volume actually marks a turning point of sorts. Up to and including episode 11, Trigun has been more of an action-comedy series than anything else, and the show's rather off-beat take on Romeo and Juliet closes out that side of the series quite nicely. There are a few twists in the tale of Moore & Julius that make in a decent episode, while having the prospect of Millie & Wolfwood facing off against Vash & Meryl dangled in front of us was teasing of the highest order - it's a shame we don't actually get to see it, as that would be one fun battle.

Episode 12, though, turns the corner and gives us a taster of what the rest of the series will be like, as Legato, the most high-ranking villain we've seen so far, makes his appearance and makes it very clear to Vash that he intends to see him dead. Legato is one of those characters that's unmistakeably evil from his first appearance, both in appearance (all those spikes are a dead giveaway) and in attitude, and the way he's able to break Vash's usual calm is a fairly big clue as to how seriously he should be taken. The series from this point becomes a series of personal battles for Vash, with a lot less in the way of comedy, and the appearance of Legato (and later Monev, the killer he's raised specifically for the job) sets the tone nicely for that aspect of the series.

The only real criticism of this volume, then, is that recap taking up so much useful space. Two 'new' episodes isn't much if you're paying list price for the volume, but there's still plenty here to make it worthwhile. Trigun is one of those shows that gets better and better as it goes on, and this volume keeps the trend going. Well worth seeing.

Rating - ****

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